Yacht charter La Maddalena

  1. Oceanis 43 - Beneteau (2008)La Maddalena
    Capacity 10
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 8+2
    Engine 1x54hp
    Draught ---
    Size 43ft
    from2 500 €*from 03/06 to 10/06View details
  2. Sun Fast 37 - Jeanneau (2005)La Maddalena
    Capacity 8
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 6+2
    Engine 1x29hp
    Draught ---
    Size 37ft
    from1 700 €*from 31/12 to 07/01View details
  3. Mira 43 - Mira (2004)La Maddalena
    Capacity 9
    Cabins 2 cab
    Berths 4
    Engine 2x355hp
    Draught 1.20m
    Size 42ft
    Reinforced Health Measures
    with skipper / crew
    from6 500 €*from 27/05 to 03/06View details
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Island itineraries for a yacht charter in La Maddalena

As you’re leaving the small port of La Maddalena, located on the south of the island, vast expanses of water stretch before you. There’s such a wide range of islands and tiny ‘islotti’ to discover and explore that you don’t even know where to begin. While each island boasts to its own unique and hidden gems, we would especially recommend hopping off at…

Caprera Island

La Caprera is the second largest island after La Maddalena but has a totally different vibe. It lies alongside La Maddalena and is connected to it by a 600-metre bridge. With lush greenery and dense wildlife. Home to several hidden coves, inlets and bays, La Caprera is the perfect island to explore.
One of the most well-known coves is called Cala Coticcio. With its fine, white sand and dazzling azure seas, this beach is the perfect place to set up camp for a couple of hours.
A major tourist site on this island is Casa Garibaldi, the house of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the hero of the Italian ‘Risorgimento’. Garibaldi fell in love with the mystical beauty of the island on exile in 1849 and bought a house there. His house is now a museum open to the public and there are guided tours which provide valuable insight into the history of the island and of the period.
You can also learn more about ‘Garibaldi Agricoltore’, a project which began in 2011 which seeks to provide deeper knowledge and understanding the agricultural activities carried out by Garibaldi on Caprera Island. During his stay on the island, Garibaldi built vineyards and orchards. One of the main goals is the creation of a museum route that includes the outdoors. The project aims to enhance the outdoor area and give an idea of what it looked like in the past, reviving a precious cultural heritage.
The northern side of the island is more mountainous. Boasting a variety of well-marked nature trails, you can choose a route to explore according to your training level, gradient, how far you want to walk and for how long. Some of the more demanding routes are suited for more experienced hikers and the shorter routes are ideal for beginners. The best seasons to walk along the nature trails are Spring and Autumn, when plants are in bloom and the temperature is milder.

Budelli Island

Considered as one of the most precious and attractive islands in the archipelago, Budelli is unmissable during your yacht charter in La Maddalena. The island is particularly renowned for its famous pink beach, as seen in Antonioni’s film ‘Il Deserto Rosso’, which lies at the south-east of the island. Since 1994, the site has become increasingly protected; while you can walk along the surrounding footpath, beach access is totally forbidden, and as of 1998, all boats must keep at least a 300-metre distance from the beach.
Make sure to stop by ‘Piscine Naturali’, natural pools of crystal clear waters which lie between Budelli and Santa Maria islands. The water is so clear that you can see right to the bottom, making it a magical spot, ideal for snorkelling.

Isola di Spargi

This small island lies just across the bay from Maddalena town. Its beach is renowned as one of the best beaches not only in La Maddalena but throughout the whole of Sardinia. Currently uninhabited, the island’s beautiful beaches are empty and quiet, making for a precious and paradisal yacht charter experience. Watching the sunset from the tranquillity of this island will make for an unforgettable evening.

La Maddalena

You can’t charter a yacht in La Maddalena without hopping off at the town itself! With stalls and local shops, cobbled streets and quaint houses, the town of Maddalena is picture perfect. Take the morning here soaking up the atmosphere and wandering the alleys and corners of the Old Town. Have a picnic on the beach during the afternoon and then spend time splashing in the crystal-clear aqua waters. Take your evening meal in the lively town of La Maddalena which is full of restaurants and bars and embrace the local culture and cuisine.

How to get to your yacht charter in La Maddalena

Olbia airport is the closest airport to the archipelago and you can fly directly here with most major airlines and from many cities. Olbia is 45km to Sardinia's north coast and ferries regularly depart from here for La Maddalena. From the island, you can reach Caprera by bridge but chartering your own yacht means you can you set your own route and explore some of the more remote islands and bays, which are not accessible by other means of transport.

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