Catamaran Charter in La Maddalena

  1. Galathea 65 - Fountaine Pajot (2009)La Maddalena
    Capacity 8
    Cabins 5 cab
    Berths 8
    Engine 2x180hp
    Draught 1.41m
    Size 63ft
    Reinforced Health Measures
    with skipper / crew
    from28 600 €*from 26/06 to 03/07View details
  2. Lagoon 620 - Lagoon (2015)La Maddalena
    Capacity 8
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 8
    Engine 2x150hp
    Draught 1.55m
    Size 62ft
    Reinforced Health Measures
    with skipper / crew
    from26 000 €*from 03/07 to 10/07View details
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Three reasons to charter a catamaran in La Maddalena

1. Remarkable history

Delve into La Maddalena’s past traditions by visiting its fascinating museums and historical sites. Many of the museums are self-guided but if you would prefer to learn from an expert, take an official tour of the National Park with a trained guide. For those interested in learning more about the history of the islands, spend an afternoon at ‘Museo Diocesano’ or Diocesan Museum and for those who would like to learn more about the eco-stance of the archipelago, we would recommend a visit to the marine museums such as Museum of the Sea and Seafaring Traditions or the Dolphin Research Centre.

2. Unspoiled nature

In 1994, La Maddalena archipelago was named a National Park and is now a geo-marine protected area. This means the island is dedicated to the preservation of its magnificent beaches and its precious marine and wildlife. The unique and diverse flora and fauna has also won the archipelago a spot in the European network of areas of great environmental importance. Individuality is at the centre of this archipelago. Nature lovers will go crazy for these islands, owing to their plush wildlife and that each landscape, beach and rock formation are all remarkably different. Each beach varies in sand texture and colour and even the shades of sea change depending on zone. Weathered by wind and sea, the famous granite on the island has been formed into bizarre shapes which bear no resemblance to each other. While the luscious greenery is typical of the Mediterranean, the specific environment and characteristics of the islands, wind, altitude, sun exposure, all play vital roles regarding its natural formations.

3. Vibrant culture

Outdoor activities like swimming, walking and sailing, are a given in the archipelago but the island’s lively town provides a superb contrast, bringing diversity and variety to your catamaran charter in La Maddalena. The town is buzzing with bars, cafes, restaurants and shops so you will certainly not be short off things to do. Pick up some souvenirs for family and friends back home in the local independent shops and sample some of the fresh Sardinian cuisine in the lively market places. The residents are friendly and welcoming to tourists, ready to answer questions or tell you what it’s like to live on the island on a day to day basis.

La Maddalena: highlights

The question is not ‘what can I do during my catamaran charter’ but rather ‘what can I not do?’ The archipelago has something for everyone, whether you’re an explorer, a swimmer, a foodie or a sunbather. We’ve picked out some activities and sights which we deem ‘unmissable’.

Porto della Madonna

Boost your Instagram profile by hopping off your catamaran charter at this precious port. Azure, turquoise and dark blue waters and white, sandy beaches… you would easily mistake this spot for Bora Bora, the Caribbean or the Maldives. Swim alongside the tuna fish, turtles and dolphins in the clear waters of this magical port.

Cool carnivals

Time your catamaran charter in La Maddalena with the cool carnivals that take place in many of the Sardinian towns and villages during the months of January and February. You get the chance not only to attend but to fully engage and participate in local culture and life on the island; you can watch the local parades and admire the authentic and traditional dress.

Wine tasting

With a wide range of grape varieties, make sure to try the local wines during your trip. Learn more about the cultivation and production process and which lands and regions are well-known for good wines. With fertile soils rich in minerals and a Mediterranean climate, it’s no surprise that the Sardinian wines, produced locally and lovingly, are such excellent quality.

Adventure sports

A catamaran charter in La Maddalena gives you the perfect opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try a new, exhilarating sport or to practise a sport that you’re already familiar with. There are plenty of water sports to choose from, catering for people of all abilities. Reputable sports centres include: ‘La Maddalena Explore’, ‘Mascagni calzature e sport’ and ‘area 11 diver’.

How to get to your rented boat in La Maddalena

The quickest way to get to the archipelago is to fly to Olbia airport, one of Sardinia’s three international airports. Located in Northern Sardinia, from Olbia take a bus or taxi transfer to the coast. A regular ferry service departs from here for La Maddalena. Italian is the language spoken on the archipelago, but English is spoken in the more touristy areas, and the currency is the euro.

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