Sailboat Charter in La Maddalena

  1. Oceanis 43 - Beneteau (2008)La Maddalena
    Capacity 10
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 8+2
    Engine 1x54hp
    Draught ---
    Size 43ft
    from2 500 €*from 04/06 to 11/06View details
  2. Sun Fast 37 - Jeanneau (2005)La Maddalena
    Capacity 8
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 6+2
    Engine 1x29hp
    Draught ---
    Size 37ft
    from1 700 €*from 03/12 to 10/12View details
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Three reasons to charter a sailboat in La Maddalena: all things Mediterranean

Beautiful Mediterranean beaches

Beaches have become synonymous with La Maddalena; the island is characterised by its clear and clean waters, making it the ideal location to relax and appreciate the joys of nature. A sailboat charter in La Maddalena will literally give you a unique perspective since many of the precious coastlines are only accessible by boat. Exploring the beaches and bays from your boat rental also gives you the valuable opportunity not only to observe but to discover untouched areas of the island. Some of the best beaches are: Bassa Trinità, Cala Lunga and Punta Tegge, Spalmatore, Cala Francese and Monti d'a Rena.

Classic Mediterranean climate

I-T-A-L-Y spells no rain, plenty of sun. With temperatures averaging around 30 degrees in summer, take advantage of the warm sea water during the day and take romantic strolls along the beach at night. In coastal areas, the light sea breeze provides welcome relief from the searing summer heat. Temperatures remain mild all year round, never hitting below zero (even in winter!) which makes the island a perfect destination for a holiday in between seasons. May, June, September and October are great months for a sailboat charter in La Maddalena if you are seeking a peaceful holiday with less touristy vibes.

Delectable Mediterranean cuisine

Food is not merely a means of getting by in Sardinia; it is very social, and mealtimes are an important opportunity to gather friends and family and spend time together. With so many new delicacies and flavours to savour, it will take days to fit in the time to sample all the authentic local dishes. For instance, choosing which ice cream flavours to try in the local ice cream parlour will take an afternoon in itself! Due to the numerous courses and sharing plates, meal times are longer than the average dinner in the UK but who’s complaining?

Local dishes include:

Malloreddus or Sardinian Gnocchi
This appetising main can be cooked and served in a variety of different ways. You will typically be served Malloreddus in a tomato sauce sprinkled with Pecorino, a classic Italian cheese. The Sardinians find any excuse to sprinkle Pecorino cheese on most dishes, be it pizza, pasta, bread.

This dish translates as chunky pieces of ravioli stuffed with potato and cheese and again, often served in a tomato sauce. This is a very popular dish in the region, you can sample it in restaurants but also buy it ready-made in many supermarkets or greengrocers.Ravoli

Everybody knows ravoli but how about ravioli à la Maddalena? While this dish may not necessarily have its origins in Sardinia, it is often eaten here, and you can order it in most restaurants. Filled with ricotta cheese, these little pockets of pasta are true delights, especially when made fresh and served al dente.

Zuppa Gallurese
More typical of the north of the island, Zuppa Gallurese is pure comfort food. This oven-baked cross combination between casserole and broth, consists of cheese, bread and more cheese and is usually served with a light green salad.

And for dessert…. Seadas, of course!
Move over tiramisu, this is THE dessert of the Sardinian region and you’ll find it everywhere. Treat your taste buds with these sweet and sticky Sardinian fritters or put simply, cheese-filled dough covered in honey. Don’t worry, this dessert is not diabetes on a plate; originally served as a main course, this dessert will give you just the perfect burst of sugar to round off your meal. There are many takes on this traditional dish and you can experiment with what version you like best. Not sweet enough? Add lemon or orange. Too sweet? Add parsley.

Round it all off with… Limoncello
Limoncello is a lemon liquor consumed not only in Sardinia, but all over Italy. Every good meal culminates with an obligatory glass of limoncello.

How to get to your sailboat charter

There are three international airports on Sardinia and the closest to La Maddalena is Olbia Airport, located in the north-east of the island. There are direct flights to Olbia from many major airlines and the airport itself is comfortable, efficient and modern. From Olbia, take a bus or taxi service to the port town of Palau and a direct ferry transfer from here will get you to your sailboat charter in La Maddalena in 20 minutes.

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