Yacht Charter in Sardinia

  1. Sun Odyssey 36i - Jeanneau (2009)Cannigione
    Capacity 8
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 8
    Engine 1x35hp
    Draught 1.94m
    Size 36ft
    from1 500 €*from 23/12 to 30/12View details
    • -15 %
    Lagoon 380 - Lagoon (2019)Cala dei Sardi
    Capacity 12
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 12
    Engine ---
    Draught 1.15m
    Size 38ft
    from 3 099 €2 650 €*from 30/12 to 06/01View details
    online booking
    • -14 %
    Lagoon 440 - Lagoon (2007)Cala dei Sardi
    Capacity 12
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 12
    Engine 2x55hp
    Draught 1.30m
    Size 45ft
    from 4 094 €3 501 €*from 07/10 to 14/10View details
    online booking
    • -14 %
    Helia 44 - Fountaine Pajot (2014)Cala dei Sardi
    Capacity 12
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 12
    Engine 2x40hp
    Draught 1.15m
    Size 43ft
    from 4 094 €3 501 €*from 25/11 to 02/12View details
    online booking
    • -5 %
    Sun Odyssey 349 - Jeanneau (2017)Portisco
    Capacity 6
    Cabins 2 cab
    Berths 4
    Engine 1x21hp
    Draught 1.98m
    Size 34ft
    from 1 600 €1 520 €*from 07/10 to 14/10View details
    online booking
    • -15 %
    Lagoon 40 - Lagoon (2018)Cala dei Sardi
    Capacity 10
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 10
    Engine 2x29hp
    Draught 1.35m
    Size 39ft
    from 3 099 €2 650 €*from 07/10 to 14/10View details
    online booking
    • -15 %
    Bavaria Cruiser 33 - Bavaria (2015)Portisco
    Capacity 6
    Cabins 2 cab
    Berths 6
    Engine 1x28hp
    Draught 1.95m
    Size 33ft
    from 1 930 €1 650 €*from 23/09 to 30/09View details
    • -19 %
    Lagoon 450 - Lagoon (2018)Olbia
    Capacity 12
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 12
    Engine 2x41hp
    Draught 1.30m
    Size 46ft
    from 5 490 €4 433 €*from 30/09 to 07/10View details
    online booking
    • -20 %
    Oceanis 373 - Beneteau (2005)Cagliari
    Capacity 6
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 6+2
    Engine 1x40hp
    Draught 1.85m
    Size 37ft
    from 1 800 €1 440 €*from 10/06 to 17/06View details
    • -19 %
    Sun Odyssey 449 - Jeanneau (2017)Olbia
    Capacity 10
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 10
    Engine 1x54hp
    Draught 1.60m
    Size 45ft
    from 2 890 €2 334 €*from 28/10 to 04/11View details
    online booking
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Sardinia is one of our most popular destinations in Italy, and you’ll see why… with the translucent, glittering sea and impossibly white beaches fringed by lush forests of emerald pine, it really is a slice of paradise. Sardinia also has its own culinary character, with its very own variation on all the basic foods such as pasta, bread and dolci, even with two of its own locally produced wines that are definitely worth a try: Vermentino white and Cannonau Red. The island has endless appeal; with beaches like Spiaggia della Pelosa, world heritage sites like Nuraghe Su Nuraxi, and national parks such as Parco Nazionale dell'Asinara, there is a mesmerizing diversity of culture and scenery to make Sardinia the perfect destination for a charter in the Mediterranean!

Best things to do in Sardinia

Brilliant Beaches

Sardinia’s sands are so glorious that they are known as some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean! The pristine beaches and sparkling waters are reason enough to choose Sardinia as a destination for a yacht charter. Take ‘Is Arutas’ for example, where snowy-white sands meet impossibly clear waters in the Golfe Oristano, and you can spend your day surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing, or simply swimming in the warm waters! Or for a wilder beach, sail your yacht to the Costa Verde where ‘Spiaggia de Piscinas’ is set amongst a rugged, rocky, green coastline, with 60m of dunes and warm golden sands. For impressive scenery, start your yacht charter in the La Maddalena islands and head to the island of Caprera, where beautiful pine-cloaked rocks and cliffs border delightful sandy beaches, and sparkling, translucent aquamarine waters.

Delicious Cuisine

This island off of the coast of Italy boasts a unique culinary history. Influenced by various cultures throughout history, including Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Spanish, and Italian, the dishes of Sardinia will leave your stomach smiling. Cooking in Sardinia is rooted in fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods. The island's geography and climate offer a wide variety of fresh produce and seafood, which contribute to the distinctive flavour of Sardinia. For those who wish to add even more to their culinary experience, there are numerous food tours available on the island. Tours such as Food tours, Wine tours, Market tours, Street food tours and Cooking classes can be found all over Sardinia. Ask your skipper which tours are best for you, based on your itinerary. If you opt for a crewed yacht charter, you hostess or cook will preapre delicous meals inspired by the region. You can benefit from the luxury of authentic italian food being made on board your boat by an ethusiastic and skilled crew!

Quality Marinas

Sardinia is known for having some excellent marinas that are popular with sailors and boaters. Some of the top marinas in Sardinia include:

  • Porto Cervo Marina: This marina is located in the exclusive resort town of Porto Cervo and is one of the most luxurious marinas in the Mediterranean. It can accommodate yachts up to 160 meters in length and has top-notch facilities and services.
  • Marina di Portisco: This marina is located on the northeast coast of Sardinia and is a popular destination for both local and international boaters. It has a range of services, including a yacht club, restaurants, and a shipyard.
  • Marina di Villasimius: This marina is located in the south of Sardinia and is known for its crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery. It can accommodate boats up to 35 meters in length and has a range of facilities and services.
  • Marina di Arbatax: This marina is located on the east coast of Sardinia and is a popular destination for boaters exploring the island's rugged coastline. It can accommodate boats up to 70 meters in length and has a range of services, including a shipyard and restaurants.

Where to go?


Cagliari is the capital city of Sardinia, located on the southern coast of the island. With a rich history dating back to the Phoenician era, the city boasts a diverse mix of cultural influences. During your yacht charter, take a stroll through the charming old town, where you'll find narrow streets lined with pastel-coloured buildings and picturesque piazzas. Don't miss the chance to visit the imposing Castello district, which offers stunning views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. For a taste of local cuisine, head to the bustling Marina district, where you'll find seafood restaurants and bars serving up refreshing Aperol Spritz. During your charter, be sure to explore the nearby beaches of Poetto and Chia, where you can soak up the Mediterranean sun and swim in the crystal-clear waters. And if you're feeling adventurous, take a day trip to the nearby Molentargius-Saline Regional Park, where you can spot flamingos and other local wildlife. Cagliari is a true gem of Sardinia, offering a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.


This charming fishing town on San Pietro island has become a great place for sailors as whilst being a popular spot for tourists, still remains authentic. The island boasts 20km of rocky coastline with coves, harbours and beaches, as well as salt fields home to pink flamingos; a diverse and exciting place for a yacht charter! The land is scattered with attractive, fragrant greenery; including strawberry trees, junipers, Aleppo pine and vineyards, and quaint, cobbled streets weave through the town, amongst various historical points such as the Church of San Carlo. The area is also popular for diving, so if you’re a beginner or enthusiast, bring along your gear on your yacht and explore life below the waves!


Located in north-west Sardinia, Alghero is a medieval city with an enchanting historic centre. Previously colonized by the Spanish, the air of Catalan culture still remains, giving the town a unique atmosphere. During your yacht charter, take the chance to explore gothic buildings such as Cattedrale di Santa Maria and the Palazzo, as well as a trip to Bombarde beach, where you’ll be met with crystal-clear waters and soft sands. You can also spot dolphins around the island, so keep your eyes peeled during your charter!


Located in the northeast of Sardinia, Olbia is a bustling city with a rich history and stunning natural beauty. With a history dating back to the 8th century BC, the city is home to many archaeological sites, including the Nuraghe Riu Mulinu, a well-preserved ancient fortress. During your yacht charter, you can also explore the city's many museums and galleries, such as the National Archaeological Museum of Olbia, which displays artifacts from the city's rich past.

Olbia also offers some of the most picturesque beaches in Sardinia, including the stunning Pittulongu beach and the secluded Cala Brandinchi, which is often referred to as the 'Caribbean of Sardinia' due to its crystal-clear waters and white sands. For those who love water sports, Olbia is an ideal destination, with plenty of opportunities to go windsurfing, kitesurfing, and snorkeling.

Porto Cervo

Located on the northeast coast of Sardinia, Porto Cervo is a glamorous and sophisticated destination that is perfect for a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean. The town is known for its exclusive marina, designer boutiques, and high-end restaurants, making it a popular destination for the jet-set crowd.

During your yacht charter in Porto Cervo, take the time to explore the stunning coastline of the Costa Smeralda, which is lined with beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. Some of the most popular beaches in the area include Spiaggia del Principe, Liscia Ruja, and Capriccioli, all of which offer stunning views of the coastline and the Mediterranean sea.

Porto Cervo is also home to some of the best nightlife in Sardinia, with a range of bars and nightclubs that cater to all tastes. The exclusive clubs of Porto Cervo, such as Billionaire and Phi Beach, are popular with celebrities and VIPs, and offer a unique and unforgettable nightlife experience.


Located in the heart of Costa Smeralda, Portisco is a picturesque village with stunning natural beauty. With a luxurious marina that welcomes yachts from all around the world, it's the perfect starting point for your yacht charter adventure. Take a stroll around the charming village, where you'll find local restaurants and cafes serving up delicious Sardinian cuisine. Don't miss the chance to visit the nearby Cala di Volpe, a stunning bay with turquoise waters and a breathtaking view. The surrounding area is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, including Spiaggia del Principe and Liscia Ruja.

Nearby islands to visit

While sailing around Sardinia, we suggest you take a day to view the archipelago of La Maddalena. The Archipelago off the shore of Sardinia consists of seven main islands: La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria, and Razzoli, as well as numerous smaller islets and rocky outcrops.

Sardinia is also only a short sail away from the French island of Corsica. In Corsica, you can explore the charming coastal towns of Bonifacio and Calvi, relax on the beautiful beaches of Santa Giulia and Palombaggia, and visit historic sites such as the Citadel of Corte and the archaeological site of Filitosa. You can also indulge in the delicious local cuisine, which includes fresh seafood, charcuterie, and wines, and experience vibrant cultural events such as the Calvi Jazz Festival and the Corsica Sailing Week.

The shortest distance between the two islands is between Bonifacio in southern Corsica and Santa Teresa di Gallura in northern Sardinia, which is approximately 11 nautical miles (20 kilometres) across the Bonifacio Strait. The crossing can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the type of boat you're sailing.

Sailing Conditions

Like the rest of Italy, Sardinia experiences a typical Mediterranean climate: a 6-month summer of hot, dry days with lots of sunshine. Whilst there are fairly constant winds, Sardinia can be subject to the stronger Mistral, (so you should keep an eye on regular local forecasts during your yacht charter), but generally conditions are moderate and wind speeds range between 20-25 knots.

Reaching your yacht charter base

There are 4 main international airports on the island of Sardinia: in the cities of Cagliari, Olbia, Alghero and Arbatax. If you fly into any of these you will not be far from your boarding marina, and airport-base transfers can be organized in advance if you require.

Sailing Bareboat or with a Crew

Sailing with or without a skipper is a personal preference and depends on several factors, such as experience, comfort level, and budget. Suppose you are an experienced sailor with a good understanding of navigation. In that case, yacht charters without a skipper (also called bareboat) can be a rewarding adventure, as it provides more freedom and flexibility to explore the destination at your own pace. When you charter a yacht bareboat, you are in charge of everything, you are the captain of the boat! However, if you are a beginner or prefer a more relaxed sailing holiday, sailing with a skipper is the best option. A skipper is like the captain of the ship, and they can provide guidance, share their local knowledge, and ensure the safety of the crew and the yacht.

There is also an option to have a hostess or a cook on board GlobeSailor yachts. A hostess is responsible for making two of the daily meals (usually breakfast and lunch) and will take care of the boat's upkeep (tidying up common areas etc.). A cook is responsible for making all three meals on board the boat. Both crewed options allow clients to eat Italian-inspired dishes aboard a beautiful sailboat. Some guests prefer to choose the hostess option as it allows them to sail to a different marina each night and find the best authentic Italian restaurants on land.

Choosing the perfect boat to rent

Regarding yacht rental, the options can seem overwhelming! At GlobeSailor, we have boats of all shapes and sizes for you to rent. Our rentals range in length, berths, cabins, boat model, year of build, add ons such as a dinghy or water sports equipment, and of course, price.

Your choice of berths and cabins will vary depending on the type of sailboat, motor boat or catamaran you choose to rent. Usually, cabins will be single or doubles, meaning they can accommodate one or two people. There are also double cabins for individual use available on some boat rentals, which is a cabin option for one guest who wishes to have more space aboard the yacht.

We offer guests a choice between a sailboat, catamaran, power boat, luxury yacht, gulet or even houseboat! The choices for charters are endless!

Most guests choose either a sailboat or a catamaran to rent. Both boats have unique characteristics to satisfy the varying needs of clients.

A monohull or a sailboat is a traditional boat with one hull (mono!). It is focused on performance and offers sailors the traditional sailing experience. Many sailors like the traditional feel of a monohull. A monohull might be best for you if you fancy yourself a true captain of the seas! Popular boat models such as a Bavaria Cruiser and an Oceanis are available to rent on our website.

Catamarans have more than one hull. The multihull of a catamaran offers its guests more stability as the boat is equipped to rock less against the ocean waves. A catamaran is also more spacious than a monohull. Catamarans usually range from 30 feet to 60 feet, with the average length being around 45 feet. Catamarans have less heeling (tilting) than monohulls, providing passengers with a more comfortable and stable ride. Catamarans also have a shallower draft, which means they can sail in waters with a low tide and get closer to shore. Popular catamaran models such as a Lagoon and Odyssey are available to rent on our website. 

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GlobeSailor has an incredible fleet of yachts, catamarans, motor boats, gulets and luxury yachts to offer you for rental. Choose the boat of your dreams that fits your and your crew's needs, and spend a week or two sailing around on the trip of a lifetime! You can also choose between renting a bareboat charter and a crewed charter (meaning hiring a skipper and crew). Our crewed option for a boat rental can be the best choice if you don't have much sailing knowledge but still want the independence of chartering a boat. Your skipper or captain will take care of the navigation, and the hostess/cook will ensure your vacation week is at the luxury level. Your hired crew will have their own private cabins, meaning there's plenty of space on your boat for everyone!

Our experienced crews can take care of all the details, leaving you and your guests to do all the relaxing in the sun! Whatever type of boat rental you're looking for, GlobeSailor can help you find it!

One of the best things about a yacht charter is its flexibility. You can make the most of your day by choosing your own itinerary and touring the places that interest you the most, whether you want to island hop, explore the coast, or both. It's entirely up to you how you spend your holiday, and sometimes, there's nothing better than relaxing in the sun on your private deck or one of the cabins while having an excellent book to read! Whatever holiday you're looking for, Sardinia has some of the best yacht charters to choose from, ensuring you have a wonderful sailing experience.  

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