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Cruise in Tortola

Your cruise in Tortola

Tortola is the major island of the British Virgin Islands archipelago. Historically named Santa Ana by Christopher Colombus who was its discoverer, Tortola has become the most densely populated of the British Virgin Islands. The popularity of Tortola has not affected its beauty - you can still admire tropical forests of the Sage Mountain Reserve as well as white, unspoiled beaches and abundant marine wildlife. Tortola is a dream destination if apart from sailing you are passionate about snorkelling and diving. Crystal clear turquoise waters of the Shark Bay hide stunning corals and seabeds.

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They have sailed in Tortola
4.4/5 - 34 reviews
February 2017
Was a nice new boat. The small glitches with the boat related more to it being brand new than anything. I didn't like having to stay in the marina the first night and waste another half a day checking out. I believe for that expense you should have the boat for the full time you pay for it. Other than that, the crew was great going out and coming in. They made sure we were happy with everything. James was very professional and courteous with out initial walk through and Nada was just as pleasant at time of returning the boat.
January 2017
Boat and equipment was well maintained and fully serviced before we departed.
April 2014
Had a great week in BVI, boat was in perfect condition -
January 2017
We arrived at Nanny Cay at 12.00, provision was per-order via internet and it arrived at 14.00. Don't order over the internet, make time to buy it when you arrive, or during your stay. Local stores are at Nanny Cay, Road Town and Virgin Gorda. The Hanse 385 was clean and ready to go. Briefing was at the dock and 45 minutes at sea. Note: one should not release waste water in to the waters, but the holding tank on Hanse 385 & 415 are only 35 liter, just enough for a day sail and pump-out stations are fare and between. The boat sails like a dream, we had strong winds and often only pulled the jip out and did 5-7 kn. Sea was ruff, particularly at night. one mostly anchors or uses mooring buoy, not a problem, but one needs to know how to tie up to a buoy, make sure you do! Lots of first time sailors in thus waters, watch out, don't assume you have the right of was, give way and don't think about it, they don't know better. Lovely trip and one that needs to be repeated when one knows the waters. 2-4 weeks would be ideal! Enjoy, it is lovely. Joerg K.
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