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July 2021
The boat and crew were wonderful. We were warmly welcomed and made at home. They worked hard to take care of us and (over) feed us! The accommodations were roomier than some other gulets we have been on. As an older craft, some aspects could be upgraded (e.g., some attention to the heads). But overall it was quite comfortable. The crew was congenial and open to engaging with the guests. We were challenged by Covid restrictions (could not go ashore in Stromboli) and, make no mistake, Sicily in August is hot! The crew did their best to mitigate these conditions. Overall it was a great trip!! Thanks!
July 2011
Overall, great boat. She is in very good condition and sails well (close to the wind, in light winds, in lots of different conditions) and is a good boat to spend time on, very spacious with everything you could need down below. The two of us sailed her and it was fine, we never needed more crew. We anchored in most places at the islands and this was all very easy. The boat steers quite well in reverse so long as you keep a bit of speed, which is normal. Communications with the owner were very smooth, and the owner was very accommodating with our requests as we were already away from home travelling when we booked the boat, so we needed to do a lot of things over email or leave it till the day of check-in. Very helpful. Check-in was easy. The guy at the marina is very friendly and professional and helpful. My key complaint about the boat when we picked it up is that it had no wind speed or direction gauge working. This was known about, but hadn't been fixed. From a safety perspective, not really ideal! While we were away, we also found the anchor winch is be quite temperamental, and would stop working at crucial moments due to a faulty electrical switch. These faults were all reported when we returned the boat so you may just want to check they've been repaired. The base marina is good and sheltered even when there is a swell coming in. The guys were really helpful when we returned the boat as it was rather narrow. We had four people helping us get her in safely so all was well. Facilities at the marina are clean and well cared for, with a good loo and shower both available and not at all busy. It's located just under the castle in Milazzo so you can walk up to find some great bars and restaurants for the night you return the boat. We booked "last minute" for a discount and this is reflected in my score for quality/price. I would book this boat again, definitely.
June 2017
We could not have had a more amazing vacation experience. The crew made our vacation extra special. Captain Danielle and Hostess Nadia did everything possible to accommodate our needs and went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and VERY well fed. Every evening as we would return from dinner they would both wait up for us having set up lots of candle lights, snacks and drinks. They make a fantastic team and simply are just super nice people to hang out with. Nadia (Mama) is a super chef and we were spoiled everyday with her scrumptious dishes. Our gluten free friend was also spoiled as she also mastered gluten free food to perfection. Lunch was a definite daily highlight! Captain Danielle (Captain Sunshine=:) couldn't have planned our trip any better. Everyday was always a new adventure and his knowledge of each of the islands definitely made a huge difference. He would always know the best spots to visit and has lots of interesting knowledge and facts as you sail around the islands. We were all amazed of his maturity and really enjoyed his company. Captain Danielle is a great young man. We hope to one day again sail around with this fantastic crew! FYI... Be aware that you will need to pay for fuel separately on the last day. The boat is brand new and has everything you would need for your vacation.
August 2022
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