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Why choose Primosten for a week yacht charter?

1. Sailing is a breeze every day

Everyone knows Croatia is an idyllic bareboat and crewed yacht charter holiday thanks to the great price, with people arriving every day to explore Split, Dubrovnik, and other towns on their Lagoon catamaran, Dufour, or Bavaria Cruiser rentals. Primosten is an exceptional town to charter a boat, with a stellar view to be gained as you spend the week sailing your bareboat or crewed rentals along this part of the Adriatic Sea. Even the view from your cabins is exceptional as the illuminated water reflects the details of the sunshine from which Primosten benefits all year round. In the summer, temperatures can reach the low thirties, meaning you won’t have to worry that yacht charters won’t leave the marina due to bad weather. Sailing in Primosten means you can avail of the steady winds measuring between 10 and 20 knots (no need for a constant motor on your charters!), which your yacht and skipper will be well-equipped to handle. As you sail the length of the coast of Croatia on your yacht charter, you will enjoy the superb weather and tranquil ambiance of Primosten. Make sure to check the details of the weather with the marina before you leave the berths!

2. Flavours of Croatia – At a great price.

If there is one thing that Primosten knows how to do, it is how to serve scrumptious food and curious cocktails at a great price. Thanks to the island lifestyle and the range of marine life close to the marina, you will find tantalising seafood establishments built in every corner of the town. Spend the week of your yacht charter eating in a different restaurant every day – try the Konoba Papec tavern which has an extraordinary view over Primosten, or sample Croatia style tapas in Agape Kitchen and Wine Bar. Before you head back to your cabins in the berths, make sure you spend some time in Legends. Details of their cocktails can be found on their website, but it is a popular watering hole for anyone who has a boat or yacht charter in Primosten. Why not bring a bottle of Croatian wine back to your cabins of your catamaran or Dufour to enjoy as you observe the sun setting over the nearby island and Adriatic Sea – just be sure to offer some to the skipper of your crewed rentals when you are done with sailing for the day.

3. Discover the historic details of Primosten.

As the oldest town of Croatia on the Adriatic, it is evident that Primosten is home to some fascinating historical details and sites. Discover the charm of the Old Town, close to the marina. Leave your cabins of the yacht charter early in the morning and stroll through the quaint alleys lined with stoned architecture and some intriguing statues and monuments. It is evident that sailing and boat life was vital to the way of life in Primosten, with the traditional market selling the freshest marine produce at an enviable price. The history of the town is still evolving, with a recent monument, The Our Lady of Loretto Statue being constructed overlooking Marina Kremik and every Lagoon catamaran and Bavaria Cruiser in their berths. The hour walk to the summit of this extraordinary viewpoint is a small price to pay for a remarkable experience during your yacht charter holiday. The details of the view of the yachts in the marina built in the town is something that will take your breath away.

Sailing to the best beaches during your Primosten yacht charter.

Of course you are not going to spend all your time in the berths of Marina Kremik. Swap your cabins for a sun lounger on some of the best beaches of Croatia during your week of sailing – available to rent for a low cost. As beaches can be the best activity thanks to their beauty, serenity (and of course – no price), here are the details of some of the essential destinations to visit on your boat charter:

1. Mala Raduča

Want to stay in the heart of Primosten, close to your yacht charter in the berths of Marina Kremik and near some fantastic bars and restaurants? This beach is the ideal one for you to spend one day of your sailing week building sandcastles or going for a refreshing swim. Get details on how to get to this central location - ideal for anyone that wants to spend a morning close to the town, before continuing their crewed/bareboat yacht or catamaran rentals to a nearby island. The buzzing atmosphere and low-price establishments built on the shore line makes this a popular beach for locals of Croatia, and those who want to get a quick swim in the evening before returning to their cabins in the marina.

2. Dagna Beach

Time for some tranquility during your week of sailing. This hidden gem offers an incredible ocean view of Primosten, and even has a trendy bar where you can grab a drink at a great price. A much smaller beach, you may have to ask a local for details on how to get there from the berths of the marina on your yacht charter. Sailing to this location offers incredible vistas of Primosten and the Adriatic Sea on the coastline of Croatia. During the busy season of the year, the length of this beach still retains a chill ambiance. This is the perfect place to rent a deckchair for a quiet snooze.

3. Cape Kremik – A popular destination for charters

Sailing around the beaches of Cape Kremik on your yacht charter, it is easy to see why every year people choose to come to Primosten. In the marina, be amazed at the range of boat types which line the berths, from Bavaria Cruisers to Dufour Grand Large, from luxury crewed yachts to bareboat Sun Odysseys – you really can see it all. Then, get out from the cabins early to make the most of your day of sailing along Cape Kremik, stopping at the white sandy beaches with the luscious green backdrop of the countryside of Croatia. This is where you can view a picturesque lighthouse, which you can visit at no price. You can also choose to explore nearby Sibenik Knin County during the week of your yacht charter as it is located close by.