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Three Reasons to Rent a Yacht in Portugal

1. Year Round Sunshine

Situated in the southwest corner of Europe, Portugal is one of the warmest countries on the continent. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate and light breeze from the Atlantic Ocean, it is the ideal location for a yacht charter. During the summer months of June to mid-September, sailors can expect average temperatures of 24°C. Winter months, November to March, tend to be slightly cooler reaching temps of 16°C. Keep in mind when planning your boat rental itinerary: the more north you go in Portugal the wetter the winter months, while southern spots such as the Algarve stay relatively sunny and dry. What are you waiting for? Rent a boat, sit back, relax, and enjoy Portugal’s 300 days of sunshine!

2.Tasty Treats

Overshadowed by some of its neighboring European countries, Portuguese cuisine is extremely underrated. Traditional dishes are packed with flavors as rich as the culture. Common ingredients include fish, meat, olive oil, and spices. During your yacht charter, you’ll find coastal towns filled with restaurants serving some of the finest fish on the continent. After a long day sailing, don’t forget to treat yourself to a Pastéis de nata, Portugal’s most beloved pastry.

3.Unbeatable Value

Sailing is one of the most unique ways to travel any country. But what if you could enjoy a charter holiday without breaking the bank while exploring the mainland? A yacht charter in Portugal makes this possible! Visitors from all over the world are traveling to here for its beauty and culture. However, another top selling point is its affordability. Wine, dine, and sail on a yacht all while maintaining a reasonable budget.

Surfing Paradise

Do you know where the Guinness World Record for the largest wave surfed took place? Portugal! This rather small country is known around the world for its big waves. A yacht charter Portugal will help you find some of the best swells and variety of surf breaks Europe has to offer. What a better way to find the best waves than to sail down the coastline. Jump off your boat rental and grab your board for an afternoon of fun! During the summer the water temperature averages at 21°C and in winter only goes down to 15°C, so no matter the month one is sure to enjoy Portugal’s temperate waters.

24 Hours in Lisbon

Whether it’s the starting point of your yacht charter or just a stop on your route, Lisbon is a must see during a Portuguese holiday. This capital city is bursting with charm as it holds the title of Europe’s oldest major capital city.
Begin your excursion by exploring the popular neighborhood of Alfama. Enriched by centuries of history, down each cobbled stone street lined with colorful buildings, awaits a new adventure. Find your way to Sao Jorge Castle, one of the city’s top attractions. This fortification which once was home to the Moors has incredible panoramic views of the city and Tagus River. If you look close enough, one might even be able to see their boat rental!
After hop on the cities easiest and vintage means of transportation, Tram 28, to enjoy a scenic route to get to your next stop: Jeronimos monastery. Built in the 16th century, this monastery is one of most important monuments in Lisbon and was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Here you will find the tomb of Vasco da Gama, a world-renowned Portuguese sailor who was a key contributor in the Age of Discovery.
Getting lost in the wonders of this city is sure to leave you hungry by the end of the day. Indulge yourself in fresh seafood and taste Portugal’s famous Porto wine all while watching the sunset over the ocean. The Portuguese know how to party, and Lisbon does not lack in nightlife. The Bairro Alto district is highly recommended to dance the night away as streets are lively into the early morning hours. Let loose and have fun before heading back to your yacht charter to sail to your next destination!

Getting There

Portugal has three international airports, making it easy to get from anywhere in the world. Once arrived in the country, getting to your yacht charter is quick and cheap through public transportation.
Lisbon: Lisbon Airport is the largest airport in Portugal and is located only 9km from the city center.
Porto: Porto Airport is approximately 11km from central Porto. Taking the metro is the fastest and cheapest means of transportation to and from the airport.
Lagos: Faro Airport is closest airport to Lagos, located 90km east. Buses and trains run regularly between both destinations.