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Yacht charter in Lisbon

When is the best time to charter a yacht in Lisbon?

Lisbon is the most westerly capital city of Europe and is visited by millions of tourists every year. But when you charter a yacht here, you get a different and unique perspective of this iconic hub. The Port of Lisbon proves popular among all sailors as it offers a prime location to explore the City of Seven Hills. With weather averaging at just below 30º in the summer months, this can attract thousands of people. For a quieter atmosphere with equally pleasant weather, earlier summer or late spring months offer a more genuine experience uninterrupted by the throngs of tourists. Either way, you are sure to be among friends in this welcoming city. Leaving from either Santo Amaro Port or the Alcantara Port enables visitation of April 25th Bridge and the Vasco de Gama Bridge – iconic sites in the city steeped in history.

3 Reasons Why Lisbon is the Place to Be

Unrivalled Cuisine

Food in Lisbon is cultivated using all the lush vegetation and fresh seafood on their doorstep. When you visit the city, the smells and colours of the food entice you to try everything. Local specialties include Bacalhau – a Portuguese culinary heritage consisting of cod expertly infused with a variety of potatoes, eggs, onions and more. Of course, who can forget the classic custard tarts or pasteis de Nata ? These can be enjoyed on your yacht for breakfast – or indeed any time of the day.

Panoramic Views of the Rooftops

Once the yacht is docked in the marina, trails through the city’s streets lead up to unforgettable views from one of Lisbon’s numerous Miradouros (traveller’s tip: the best view is from Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte). With a variety to choose from, photo opportunities are endless, meaning you can make all your friends at home jealous with the iconic sea views. If you need a break from the walking, several cafes provide some refreshing snacks and drinks which can add to the enjoyment of the experience.

Lisbon’s Coastlines

There is a lot to see along the Portuguese coast, with golden beaches and quaint fishing villages being ideal locations to visit on your yacht. Popular beaches include sun-kissed Praia de Conceição or the heavenly waters in Sintra. If you would like to see picturesque landscapes dotted with a variety of colourful boats, look no further than Costa da Caparica which contains several local fishermen selling their fresh catches of the day. A significant point of interest is the Belem Tower – a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site which overlooks the port and dates back to 1521.

Lisbon’s Coastline

Cape St. Vincent

To discover a wild green setting when you come to visit Portugal, sail to Cape Saint Vincent, the most south-western tip of Europe, in the Algarve. In addition to discovering a rich marine fauna, why not dock your yacht and visit the lighthouse and the monastery built on the cape and take a walk in the beautiful town of Sagres.

Benagil Cave

Just 150 metres from Benagil beach, the Benagil cave is a geological wonder: constantly eroded by the movement of the water, its rocky walls have naturally created a kind of dome where light comes to reflect. Only accessible by boat or swim, the Benagil cave is ideally visited aboard a yacht charter in Lisbon!

Miramar Beach

In addition to the colour of its water, the beach of the Lord of Stone (or locally Praia do Senhor da Pedra) is distinguished by a chapel built in the 18th century in some rocks on the ocean shore. On days when the ocean is more agitated, the beach of the Lord of the Stone becomes an ideal spot for surfing, ideal activities when you charter a yacht in Lisbon.

Lisbon Must-Sees

Lisbon proves popular among tourists each year, but here are some lesser-known sites and features in the iconic city that deserve a visit.

Tapada das Necessidades Park

Want to get some tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Look no further than this hidden location. This park offers views of the colourful Palácio das Necessidades which was once a national palace.


Growing in popularity, this trendy location offers great food and unique shopping experiences. Some great photo opportunities are available here and on Sundays, a large organic food market offers some of the great fresh produce for which Lisbon is so recognised – bring some back to enjoy while you relax on your chartered yacht!

Street Art Central

Keep an eye out for Lisbon’s creative side – with plenty of wall art murals and stunning sculptures to see. Bordalo II is just one iconic artist whose work is as colourful as it is mad. Some of his work is even located at the LXFactory! Lovers of art will thoroughly enjoy chartering a yacht in one of Europe’s most eccentric cities.

How to Get There?

Getting to Lisbon could not be more convenient with Humberto Delgado Airport located on the northern side of the city. Don’t worry about expensive airport transfers – the city metro leads directly from the airport to areas across the city. Alternatively, the Aerobus service can bring you directly to Baxia and Rossio Square in the heart of Lisbon. If you would prefer a direct transfer from the airport to the boarding base, GlobeSailor can offer this service as an optional extra of just €25, meaning getting to your yacht is quick, easy and stress-free!