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Three Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Menorca

Peaceful Paradise

If you are in need of a relaxing holiday, then Menorca is the destination for you. Sailors will instantly sense the calm vibe that is present across the island. This island has managed to preserve itself from mass tourism and offers a sense of privilege and privacy to visitors. Low key compared to the other Balearic Islands, it is a perfect destination for a tranquil yacht charter with family and friends.

Secluded Stretches of Sand

Menorca’s captivating coastline is only 216km but is filled with many wild beaches to choose from. There are multiple beaches throughout the island that cannot be reached by car and only by sea. A boat rental with allow you to access these isolated shorelines. Navigate your yacht charter from one pristine beach to the next to discover each unique hidden cove. Tourism has yet to take ahold of this island, so sailors can enjoy a day in the sun, away from the crowds and chaos. Sail south to effortlessly float in the calm turquoise waters found off Cala Turqueta or sunbathe on the soft white sand of Cala Macarella. They are some of the island’s most picturesque beaches.

Water Sports Galore

After many glorious midday naps on the beach, one may feel the urge to do something more active. The island offers many activities both on and off the water that will fulfill this desire. Pack your snorkeling gear for your yacht charter in Menorca and explore the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea. The island’s coast is a superb diving location to see exotic marine flora and fauna. Spend your afternoons swimming along colorful fish and discovering incredible underwater landscapes around your boat rental. Take advantage of other water sports offered such as kayaking, windsurfing or water skiing.

Sensational Sailing Conditions

A yacht charter in Menorca is the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday. Its Mediterranean climate promises long hot summers and mild winters. Mid-July to mid-September is considered the peak season. During these months, the island is more crowded, and prices of boat rentals tend to be higher. If you are looking to avoid the crowds but still want to enjoy the summer heat, May and June are the best months to rent a boat. The island is known to be quite windy all year. However, these winds give sailors a break from the high temperatures in the summer and create a pleasant sailing setting. The autumn season remains relatively warm but is known for being the rainiest period. Keep in mind that many establishments close during the winter from November to March. Along the coastline, sailors will find numerous sheltered bays ideal for anchorage. Port Mahon offers the deepest natural harbor in the Mediterranean and is a great starting base.


Start your yacht charter from the capital city, Mahon. Also known as Mao, it is home to the largest natural port in the Mediterranean and second in the world, apart from Pearl Harbor. As you approach the bay, you will immediately be impressed by the harbor’s size and beauty. The harbor is over 6 kilometers long and accompanied by white house’s perching from the cliff side as its backdrop. The port of Mahon offers all the facilities needed for a pleasant cruise and is the ideal starting base. Before embarking, take time to explore. With just over 30,00 residents, Mahon is considered a small city. However, there is an abundance of things to do and see! Wander the many streets that are packed with restaurants and stores. Did you know Menorca is known worldwide for its shoemaking? Stop in a local store in Mahon and a great pair of leather sandals. For those interested in the arts, buy tickets to watch a performance in Teatro Principal de Mahón, the oldest opera house in Spain. The theater was built in 1829 by Giovanni Palagi, an Italian architect. A cruise during the summer months, will allow you to take part in one of the many fiestas. In early September, Mahon hosts one of its main festivals: Mare de Deu de Gràcia. As part of the activities, horses parade up and down the capital city streets. This spectacular show marks the end of the island’s summer festivities. Culture, food, shopping – you name it, Mahon has it! This city is a fantastic city to explore for sailors of all ages.

Getting to your boat rental

Getting to your yacht charter in Menorca is possible by both land and sea. The ports of Mahon and Ciutadella receive daily ferries coming to and from mainland Spain. A ferry from Barcelona will take up to 7 hours. For those who prefer to arrive by plane, fly into Mahon Airport. It is only a 20-minute drive from the capital city’s port.