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Propriano's tourist attractions

Stop with the clichés! There are not only fine sandy beaches and turquoise water on the island of beauty... A yacht charter in Propriano will tell a very different story: you’ll find yourself being dropped into an Indiana Jones movie set with stunning archaeological sites! Don't miss the unforgettable Roccapina, Cauria and the Taffoni de Campomoro, three open-air archaeological gems! Of course, you will have to take advantage of the gentle way of life in the streets of Propriano and discover Sartene, "the most Corsican of Corsican cities" according to French author, Mérimée. Finally, Belvedere Campomoro will offer you a breath-taking panorama of the gulf from the largest Genoese tower ever erected on the island of beauty.

 What to do in Propriano?

1. Visit the town

The beating heart of Propriano and more precisely, its marina is very central and enjoys a great atmosphere. This is where your yacht will be moored and where you’ll find a whirlwind of shopkeepers, restaurants and locals walking along the pontoons. The harbour is surrounded by colourful houses that give the place its charm. Going up a small staircase behind the quay, discover the church of Notre-Dame de la Miséricorde which took some 17 years to build! You can also take in the gulf by walking along the Herminier quay as far as the Propriano lighthouse.

2. Local cuisine

To appreciate Corsican gastronomy in all its glory, we recommend the restaurant A Terra Cota located on Napoléon Avenue. Every day, the owner's brother brings back fresh fish caught in the gulf: there you can taste mostelle, rock fish, or even pagre or liche, which will be prepared with finesse by the talented chef.

A yacht charter in Propriano will surely be in need of a stock of locally-sourced produce: you will be able to find authentic Corsican products (cheeses, olive oil and local cold meats) at the Tempi Fa delicatessen, which has a very good reputation, still on Avenue Napoléon. For the rest of the products, there are various supermarkets nearby that will give you enough to stock up the holds of the boat.

3. Sunbathing on one of Propriano's many beaches

There are many beaches along the Propriano coastline: you can walk to them, or make a stopover by boat.

Capu Laurusu: If the sea wasn't so blue, this beach could almost remind you of the Landes coastline. It runs for a distance of 4 km and with the Rizzanese River cutting through its centre.

Arena Bianca: At the foot of the hotel of the same name, on the same road that leads to Capu Laurosu, you will find this pretty white sandy beach and after it, small rocky coves where you can dive among the fish.

Mancinu: This is the ideal kindergarten because there are small rocks from the top of which you can safely jump into the water. A café/restaurant will refresh those who are thirsty after a swim.

Sailing from Propriano

Propriano is ideally located between Ajaccio to the north and Bonifacio to the south. For a yacht charter in Propriano, we recommend the northbound itinerary which will leave you with unforgettable memories. There are 25 nautical miles separating the two Corsican cities, so you can easily sail between the two and return in one go from Ajaccio in just a few hours. Here is a list of the unmissable ports of call with the centres of tourist interest that you can find there:

Porto Pollo

Here is a bay that will shelter you from the prevailing west and north winds. The port Jean Baptiste Tomi has been adapted for yachts and can accommodate up to 100 boats. You can also choose to anchor in the bay on the red and white buoys that the municipality of Serra di Ferro has moored here. You can relax on the marvellous beach of Cupabia or take the hiking trails that will take you to two Genoese towers, Capriona and Campannedda.

Cala d'Orzu

This is a stopover steeped in history. Here you will find the two famous restaurants, "Chez Francis" and "Chez Eric", which created controversy during the 1990s Corsican ‘straw hut’ affair. You will be able to eat there and enjoy the paradisiacal beach on which they are propped. You can anchor your boat in the bay in good weather: the bottom is sandy with little vegetation. From the beach, after a 30-minute walk south, you will arrive at the Capu di Muru tower, which majestically overlooks the Mediterranean. Push on to the small beach of Olivu for a swim with breath-taking views of the tower.


Here you have a front row seat to admire the bloodthirsty islands and the imperial city of Ajaccio. You will find six anchorages where you can moor your boat. A shuttle bus ensures the connections between the land and the different anchorages for extra comfort and convenience during stopovers. Once your feet are on the ground, you will be able to crawl all around Porticcio to explore by hiking the Tower of Isolella and the beach of the same name, the old penitentiary or the Coti Chiavari forest. There are also plenty of activity-based amenities in the area: golf, horse riding, tree climbing, canoeing, tennis, pure sensations guaranteed!

If you choose yacht charter in Propriano, you will not be disappointed with the trip. This corner of Corsica abounds in stunning natural diversity and will feed your thirst for discovery and new experiences.