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The Maldives archipelago has 1192 coral islands, only 203 inhabited, with 26 atolls forming a double parallel chain running north-south across the equator. An atoll is an oceanic coral island characterised by its circular ring shape. Ari Atoll in the west is one of the most famous, with 105 islands.

With so many atoll and island destinations to travel to and explore, your cruising schedule will be jam-packed with fun!

Its capital is Malé, where you'll find the largest selection of boats. The typical and traditional boat is the Dhoni, a wooden boat with a lateen sail. These boats were used before motorboats came to the archipelago. Nowadays, they are used as passenger cruisers or for diving. They are a great attraction because of their design. Sailing on a catamaran, sailing yacht, Dhoni, or all-inclusive yacht is a real experience for the passengers.

Our cabin cruise packages available for your cruise offer many additional services to help guests have the best holiday possible. Your cabin charter will have a skipper and flight attendant service, cleaning and ship's crew included for your days sailing on the water.

The double cabin charter is one of the most romantic and adventurous options for an unforgettable few days (and nights!) cruising in the Maldives archipelago.

Be awed by the magical shapes of each atoll, dive with whale sharks and visit the local areas for an unbeatable few days on board.

As well as relaxing and being pampered in the Maldives, don't forget it's an excellent place for water sports, especially scuba diving and snorkeling.

What to do on your Maldives sailing vacation

The Maldives is known for its beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, and marine life, so many tours and activities take advantage of these natural resources. Some popular options we recommend to include in your schedule:

  • Snorkeling and diving: The Maldives is home to a wide variety of marine life, and snorkeling and diving are great ways to see it. Many tour operators offer guided snorkeling and diving trips; some even offer equipment rental. The island nation offers some of the best spots in the Indian Ocean to go for a dive and meet some of the local marine life!
  • Island hopping: Many of the Maldives' islands are uninhabited, and island hopping is a great way to explore them. Plenty of tour options offer trips that take you to multiple islands, allowing you to see a variety of landscapes and wildlife.
  • Fishing: The Maldives is known for its great fishing, and many tour operators offer fishing trips for all skill levels.
  • Dolphin and whale watching: The Maldives is home to various cetaceans, including dolphins and whales, and tour operators offer dolphin and whale watching trips.
  • Spa and wellness: Maldives is known for its spas and wellness resorts, which offer a variety of treatments such as massages, yoga and meditation classes, and beauty treatments.
  • Water Sports: Cruises in the Maldives are an excellent opportunity for water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and parasailing.
  • Sunset cruise: The Maldives is also known for its beautiful sunsets. Why not spend your evening on your ship sharing a fabulous dinner with the other guests and watching the sunset from the comfort of the deck?

How to get to the Maldives

The main airport is Malé Airport, with flights from Paris, London, Frankfurt and Milan.

Once at the airport, transfers from Malé to the rest of the islands are by boat or ferry. A public ferry ticket costs about 2 USD. We recommend checking the internet for the frequency of transfers to your boat rental base if you don't have transport included. If you would like us to manage your flight booking, GlobeSailor can provide this service as a travel agency. You can use GlobeSailor's personal flight booking service to find the best deals.

There are no direct flights, so you must make a stopover to get to the Maldives.

Our advisors will give you information about the flights, the necessary documentation to access the country, and the taxes that will not be included in the cruise booking packages. Please contact us on our website or by email with any travel queries you may have.

Cabin Cruise in Maldives

You can choose the cabin on a sailing boat, catamaran, yacht or Dhoni. And the cruise packages can be theme oriented, such as surfing or coral reef diving. Enjoy the experience of sleeping in the suite cabin of a ship such as a catamaran or sailing yacht, the cabin is fitted out to ensure premium quality for passengers, and some have an internet connection. Spend time on deck, enjoy drinks on board, starry nights, swimming among harmless sharks, the flavours of local cuisine and water sports such as snorkelling or paddle surfing.

Please pass inform your cruise consultant if you want to book an activity or sport for a specific day.
We have numerous cruises available in the Maldives, depending on the type of boat that will be equipped with some features or others.

The cabins or cabins are double occupancies, and premium suite cabins are also available.

The cruises can be with crew on board, with services including drinks and full board (i.e. including breakfast, lunch and dinner), the services considered extras, such as wifi or other premium services, will be available in the information of each rental.

The itinerary and schedule during your sailing days shall be fully taken care of by our skipper and crew, freeing you from worry and stress as they offer you exceptional luxury service. A skipper chooses the best route for sailing, and the other crew members remain at your disposal to take care of all the essential details (no matter how small!) onboard and in your cabins to make your trip outstanding. Booking a cabin on a sailing cruise can be a great way to meet new people and make friends while exploring the area and on the ship's deck.

The navigation taxes are taxes on foreign tourist vessels (Foreign tourist vessel tax): 16% of the reservation amount. These taxes are not included and must be paid.

If you require wifi, finding free Wi-Fi in the Maldives is tricky, but a SIM card in your phone is the simple way to get internet access without Wi-Fi.

Some hotels and restaurants have free internet access, but it's not guaranteed, so we recommend using a card.

The weather in the Maldives

The Maldives has a tropical climate with temperatures averaging around 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) year-round. The dry season runs from November to April, with calm seas and little rain.

Knowing the weather information for the Maldives is essential for packing your luggage and organising your departures. On our cabin cruise in Indian Ocean waters, we find two types of weather: the dry winter monsoon and the summer monsoon.

Rainfall is frequent in summer, and the average annual temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. It never gets cold, and sailing conditions are optimal all year round.

The summer monsoon is the low season in the Maldives, and flight deals tend to be cheaper. It's the hottest time of the year, reaching 33 degrees Celsius and humid. Some boats are air-conditioned.

The dry winter monsoon is considered the high season in the Maldives, and flight bookings and sailing cruises are more in demand.

The weather is generally sunny and warm, with a light breeze during the day. Sailing conditions are typically good, with calm seas and minimal waves.

At night, the temperature cools slightly but remains warm. The winds may pick up somewhat during the night, but sailing conditions are still generally good. You can dream peacefully onboard your private cabin with the sound of tranquil water to lull you to sleep.

There is a wide range of activities on offer during both seasons. For example, the wet season is when whale sharks are most present due to nutrients in the waters, and the wet season is less popular.

Sailing in the Maldives

The word Maldives means 'garland' and is appropriately named because of its more than 1200 islands, many of them totally unspoilt and deserted, very attractive to visit on one of our cruises.

Sailing in this area of the Indian Ocean is a truly magical experience, with such original scenery both in and out of the water. A sunset swim transports you to another planet.

Diving is one of its star activities, with a wide range of options for discovering its seabed. The richness observed in its immersions is valuable, including the effect of flying under the sea produced by some currents at the entrance to the channel that connects the atoll. Many guests go for a dive in one of the Maldivian lagoons. The lagoon dive usually results in incredible views of the lagoon teeming with colourful fish, and sometimes, they even see a few sea turtles swimming around.

Sailing through the crystal clear waters of the Maldives is an experience like no other. The lagoon surrounding the islands is a sailor paradise, with calm waters and abundant marine life. The sand banks in the Maldives are a sight to behold, with white sandy beaches and the sound of the sea lapping against the boat that makes you feel like you are in a tropical paradise. The stunning beaches are the perfect location to spend your day with a good book to read, free from stress or responsibilities. 

Among the marine species that the seabed offers us are: sailfish, lionfish, stonefish, flute fish, dolphins, barracuda and hawksbill turtles.

One of the archipelago's curiosities is that weekends are on Fridays and Saturdays, and Sundays are working days.

The islands you can't miss on your days of cruising:

Each day of your cruise will be designated to visit one or more islands or atolls, as well as different outings for diving or other activities included in your cruise.

Whether looking for authentic culture or to go to the more touristy areas, you can get information from the locals or your skipper. Plan your days for an unforgettable vacation.

For real immersion in the local environment, we recommend Dhangheti Island, where the beaches are deserted, manta rays dot the sea, and flying birds will amaze you from your boat. It's a good place to anchor a catamaran, enjoy lunch from the deck, and swim among the spectacular marine life.

Guraidhoo is an island where you can enjoy the native atmosphere and some drinks in restaurants or buy souvenirs. It's the best location for spotting mini sharks.

Among the archipelago's most beautiful islands is Dhiffushi, which we recommend for a day trip, totally postcard-perfect with white sand and turquoise waters.

Close to Malé airport is the island of Hulhumale, which can be interesting to visit to make time between departures, as it is very close to Malé.

To travel from island to island in a charter boat, such as a catamaran, with all the comforts included: cabins with bathrooms, a double cabin suite, with full board with food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and drinks included, is simply one of the pleasures that you have to experience once in a lifetime.

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Whether you're a person looking for a romantic getaway or an adventure-seeker looking for a unique experience, a Maldives sailing holiday is sure to be a dream come true. A private sailing trip allows a person to explore the many dreamy islands and lagoons while enjoying the privacy and luxury of their own private yacht. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves lapping on the white sand beaches and spending your days sailing to different islands, each more magical than the last.

The Maldives is truly a sailor paradise, with endless lagoons and sand banks to explore. As you reach the end of your trip, we know that you will never forget the beauty and serenity of the Maldives and the sea surrounding it.

Book now with GlobeSailor and help us maximise your sailing trip in The Maldives! You can contact us through our website or by email and see what fantastic cruising destinations we have. We strive to offer you a terrific price and an unforgettable week, with suggestions on how to spend your days and an experienced skipper option to guide you through every step of your travel as you sail around the Indian Ocean in style.