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Everything You Need to Know When Yacht Charter in the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands

There are many sites you can discover in the idyllic Virgin Islands archipelago. Peter Island, the beach of White Bay is truly unmissable with its fine sand and its transparent turquoise sea. The "Sage Mountain" of Anegada allows you to observe many birds in its tropical forests. The Norman island, the Bath of Virgin Corda, Long Bay Beach, as well as many islands are waiting for you to discover during your yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands.

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands

It is possible to navigate all year in the British Virgin Islands thanks to its excellent weather conditions. There are two seasons, the dry/summer season (Lent) from December until May when the sun is powerful, and from June to November when the climate is more humid. During your cruise in the British Virgin Islands, it is essential to keep informed of the weather reports daily to be able to react quickly.
The swell is low under the wind of the Virgin Islands archipelago. The tide is relatively calm (20 to 60cm on average) near the islands of the Caribbean archipelago. There are many yacht charters on the island of Tortola, where you will find the majority of yacht charters in the Virgin Islands.

How to Get There

When planning your yacht charter to the BVI, you need to remember that there are no direct flights from the USA, Canada, Europe, or South America to the British Virgin Islands' main airport, the Terrence B. Lettsome Airport (EIS). But there are many connecting flights to choose from the other Caribbean islands, such as Saint Martin, St. Thomas, and Antigua.
If you arrive by sea, ports are located in Road Town and the West End on Tortola, Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke and St. Thomas Bay in Virgin Gorda. It is also easy to sail to here from Saint Martin, which is about 100NM.

Top 6 Islands Not to Miss:

Tortola: perhaps the best known because discovered by Christopher Columbus in person, this exotic island paradise is an ideal starting point for yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands.
Jost Van Dyke: in the north-west of Tortola, this island includes all the complementary activities to your cruise that you could consider. Beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, water skiing, diving, paddle, snorkeling ...
Peter Island: located in the south of Tortola, this island will surprise you with the beauty of its wild beaches. Dive lovers, you can see a beautiful wreck in the seabed: the RMS Rhone.
Salt Island: more to the east, this island is often quite busy in high season by tourists on land, but by yacht (at anchor for example) you will have enough privacy, and especially the landscapes are breathtaking! An island punctuated by small coves all more charming than the others.
Virgin Gorda: with its characteristic smooth rocks, pristine beaches (like The Bath) and small caves that call for adventure, Virgin Gorda is a paradise for translucent water and white sand lovers.
Anegada: a little more out of the main islands of the archipelago and located further north, Anegada is a wild island with a preserved natural environment, ideal for an excellent swim.

Sail to the U.S. Virgin Islands

Just west of the British Virgin Islands are the U.S. Virgin Islands. They are also between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean; they can provide you many charming surprises.

  • St. Thomas: this island is a perfect starting point for yacht charter in the Virgin Islands. It is famous for the beauty of its bays and beaches, such as Coki Beach, Saphire Beach, Magens Bay or Hull Bay. The highest point of the island will give you a breathtaking view: Drake's Seat, the most picture-perfect place on the island!
  • Saint John: The island of Saint John is mainly covered by the Virgin Islands National Park, so it is a beautifully preserved place for both terrestrial and marine flora and fauna. Diving and snorkeling are often practiced: turtles, corals, and all kinds of fish are waiting for you.
  • Holy Cross: it is the largest island of the archipelago, and it is also located at the south of it. You will find the main port in Christiansted (the capital of the island) as well as an international airport. The shoreline of Sainte Croix has an exceptional feature: natural pools formed in the middle of the rocks, called Carambola Tide Pools, which you will find near Annaly Bay, in the north of the island. Some show calm waters, for others, it is better to pay attention to the waves!