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Yacht charter in Port Grimaud

Sailing in Port Grimaud

If you are searching for a unique, memorable sailing experience in the popular French Riviera, then chartering a yacht in Port Grimaud is an essential experience. This town has been constructed to be reminiscent of the romantic canals of Venice yet retains the signature French lifestyle. A relatively new town, it has grown significantly in popularity due to the sailing prospects it offers. The streets of the town are canals, with each house having its own designated mooring.

Like any destination in the South of France, the busiest season in Port Grimaud tends to be in July and August, when temperatures are their warmest and marinas at their busiest. To avoid this influx of crowds, why not try chartering a yacht in early autumn? There can sometimes be strong winds in the winter and spring in this region of the Mediterranean. The marina in Port Grimaud is well-equipped with fresh water, toilets, showers, Wi-Fi and more. On Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays, there is also a market. The marina can host up to 250 yachts with the maximum length being 72ft, and maximum draught of 3.2m.

Attractions in Port Grimaud

Brilliant Beaches

It would not be a sailing holiday in the South of France without a day spent soaking up the sun on a golden stretch of coast. Luckily, there is an abundance of beaches scattered along the French Riviera that are all easily accessible on your chartered yacht. Towards the south, a tranquil corner of the town looks out towards Saint Tropez with the stunning architecture of this quaint town providing a lovely backdrop. Families may love Port-Grimaud 1 Beach thanks to its location next to fantastic restaurants and the ability to hire beds for the day – perfect for lounging while you listen to the waves crash on the shore. If you visit Cicadas Beach, you can also explore the miniature lighthouse which overlooks the blue sea.

Sail to Saint-Tropez

Port Grimaud is in an ideal location to sail to perhaps one of the most luxurious and well-known yachting destinations in the world. Its proximity means it takes just thirty minutes on your chartered boat to reach this stunning seaside town, which is brimming with history and culture. Sample the luscious foods and take to the skies with parasailing over the Mediterranean. Even to see the range of expensive yachts which dock in the Old Port of this town is reason enough to sail from Port Grimaud.

Discover the Centre of Grimaud

You could spend days meandering through the quaint and rustic Provencal streets of Grimaud. Dock your yacht for the day to journey through the historic town and admire the colours, architecture and nature. It seems almost like a postcard with pretty shutters, ivy-laden walls, and even some wandering cats. With Medieval churches, town halls and boutiques waiting to be discovered, you will surely get lost in the pretty town of Grimaud.

What to Eat?

No matter what cuisine you search, you will find it along the beautiful canals of Port Grimaud. This town has a range of fantastic dining options that will ensure your charter holiday is satisfactory. Most establishments profit from the pretty setting with extensive outdoor seating options. Mediterranean specialties in La Vague d’Or will be the perfect choice, or you could sample the expertise of Grain de Sel with their quaint dining area. Port Grimaud’s food options are plenty and will be one of the highlights of your sailing holiday.

How to Get to Port Grimaud

Reaching your yacht charter destination via air travel requires flying into an airport within close proximity to Port Grimaud, including Nice, Marseille or Saint Tropez. Nearby train stations also service the area including Toulon. Public transport networks including buses and taxis can take you to the marina when you need. Of course, given the nature of the town, it may be more practical upon arrival to use your rented boat as the canals are the most amazing way to experience this town. In particular, night sees the lights of the town illuminate the colours, offering a new and mesmerising perspective of Port Grimaud.