5 Luxury Yacht to Rent in the Maldives

Luxury Yacht charter Maldives

Arrival and weather conditions

We recommend flying to the Velana International Airport, as it is the most easily accessible to foreigners and is located in Hulhulé, which is next to the capital of the Maldives. From here, you can easily travel by a boat or ferry to neighbouring islands or hop on another flight to reach more distant islands, all depending on your itinerary and port of departure. Be aware that most of the travel between islands is done via boat, so you are already at an advantage when you charter a luxury yacht in the Maldives!

Monsoon season in the Maldives occurs from May to October. December and January tend to be the most popular months to charter in the Maldives, due to the weather conditions and holiday season; however, we find the best time to charter in this case is just before the start of the monsoon season, so April, as there are fewer tourists and less rainfall than during the summer months. Just after the end of monsoon season can be great too, in November, for example, due to fewer tourists before the holidays and still ideal weather conditions. Due to the tropical atmosphere, the sun is consistently shining and the average temperature during the dry season is around 28°C. Perfect weather to plunge into the ocean or lounge in the sun chairs on the deck of your luxury yacht!

Why charter in the Maldives?

A tropical paradise in a postcard setting is what awaits you if you charter a luxury yacht in the Maldives. Uncover unexplored and virtually untouched islands, scuba dive in coral reef systems with diverse and ample life or immerse yourself in the local culture of the Maldivian people. Unwind and relax away from society and isolate your mind from stress and worry on-board your boat and experience the utmost comfort and bliss. The possibilities are endless when it comes to activities in the water or on land. Nowhere could be a more ideal destination for a complete getaway. Let the sound of the ocean wash over your senses and leave you perfectly at peace when you rent a luxury yacht in the Maldives.

Under the sea

What options are available for you to explore the ocean, under the surface? There are plenty! Discover luxurious underwater dining and spa packages or become familiar with the marine life through scuba diving courses and submarine excursions!

Dining options

Indulge your senses in a fine-dining experience like never before - just head beneath the surface of the ocean! The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant rests five metres below the surface of the ocean, with a domed glass ceiling and walls, making it the perfect environment to saturate all your senses. From the 7-course meal options to the tranquil ambiance of the sea surrounding you, this restaurant is essential if you visit the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

Treat yourself to pure relaxation...

...In an underwater spa. Huvafin Fushi is a resort on an island North of Malé within the same atoll offering a luxurious underwater spa tailored at relieving stress and tension in the body. Just a 30-minute speedboat ride from the Maldivian capital, as well as the Velana International Airport, you can visit this spa before heading to your departure base for your luxury yacht charter in the Maldives for a highly necessary massage after your long flight!

Scuba, snorkel, submarine?

Grab your scuba gear and dive in! The Maldives are home to over 2,000 different species of fish and over 21 species of whales and dolphins, many brightly coloured or exotic, for you to enjoy. If you love to discover unique marine flora and fauna, the Maldivian islands are a great place for you to get lost uncovering the life in the Indian Ocean. Curious about what lies under the water, but not fully keen on scuba diving? No worries, Whale Submarine Maldives has you covered! Hop into a submarine and plunge 50 metres underwater for a tour of the ocean, all without touching the water! This unique experience is great if you would love to explore the ocean deeper than you can with snorkelling equipment, but for those who do not wish to try scuba diving. With four separate dive locations and tours departing five days a week, you have several options to choose the best dive for your situation! These 45-minute-long tours are run by experts, so take pleasure as you watch the different species pass by your porthole.