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Cruise in Bahamas

Your cruise in Bahamas

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is an independent state located in the Atlantic Ocean, to the north of Cuba, north east of Turks and Caicos, and just to the east of Florida. An archipelago which consists of 24 inhabited islands, 600 islands which are uninhabited and more than 2000 outcrops and reefs. The port has all of the necessary amenities which you need for a smooth sailing trip. The beautiful white sandy beaches, warm turquoise waters and rich flora and fauna make the Bahamas a true paradise destination, and the perfect place to enjoy a yacht charter.

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4.1/5 - 7 reviews
April 2016
We truly enjoyed the boat and our crew. We were a little surprised when we showed up that the owner of the company said we couldn't load onto the boat until the exact minute the charter started because of "work going on on the boat" and that we would have to stay in harbor the first night (never our choice). When we went out to the dock, there was no work going on of any kind and the skipper (who was great), said we could get right on and get going. This was awkward, though we did resolve it and headed out for the night. The boat is an amazing boat - going from the 45 to the 52 is a step change a lot bigger than the 7 feet in LOA! We spent 7 days and went many places, despite persistent mechanical problems with the boat that made us stay in harbors a couple of extra times. In general, we found the Bahamas a bit underwhelming compared to places like Greece, Thailand and the Seychelles - the distances were small between islands and the snorkeling was quite disappointing (all reefs have been fished and damaged beyond repair). On the other hand, the islands were very pretty and the shells were pretty cool and the sand was great - all things that are important!
December 2016
December 2016
June 2016
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