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April 2013
Thanks to the manager mr. Sotiris, we have changed the type of boat to Sun Odyssey 469. Without a change in the rent. New boat - 2013, in excellent condition. All estimates are exactly the yacht Sun Odyssey 469
September 2017
The skipper and 1st mate greeted us with champagne and within minutes we were leaving the dock at Paros for a delightful week Jason, the skipper, knew the secret beautiful spots for us to enjoy each day of our journey. The crew had great suggestions of "off boat" adventures and places to dine in each harbor as we made our way to Santorini. The Lagoon 52' provided plenty of space for 4 couples to enjoy each other and also have quite time when desired. We look forward to our next charter with great anticipation
June 2017
The Local operator was helpful and the staff were incredibly nice. I recommend to anyone to sail from the charming Piso Livadhi port on Paros. This smaller port offers a great starting.point to some beautiful waters and is a pleasure when many other spots can get be very chaotic.
May 2017
The boat was very good. It was our first time on such a vacation so we haven't got great experience but it was very good. We have some points of feedback related to the trip preparation as well as the skipper but besides those it was an AMAZING holiday - we loved the Reinia beaches and the Syros port the most! Next time we would really appreciate: 1. A better briefing by the rental company in advance. This would have helped us manage our time of arrival and expectations better. For example we should have been told to arrive for the check in a lot earlier to do all the paperwork, super market shopping etc. We weren't and we only arrived 1 h in advance which meant we left the port 2hours after the check in time and our options re where to go on our first night were hence limited as it was dark. 2. We should have been asked for our preferred itinerary and type of vacation (remote beach, party vs quiet spots, places to see, etc). This would have managed our expectations as well as the skipper's. We felt there was a clash between our wishes and what the skipper was prepared to do. 3. We should have been briefed on what we are expected to do on the boat. It was our pleasure to help but in the first few days we felt under pressure to do things we weren't shown how to do, instead we were occasionally talked to not like customers/ guests but like under-performing employees.. This was our first experience and we definitely learned a lot so next time we will also be better prepared however we felt it is important to share our feedback as the above points caused frustration and friction at some points during our holiday.
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