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Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea, located southeast of France and west of Italy. It is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus. Corsica has a rich culture with influences from Italian, French and Corsican traditions. The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times and has a complex history of colonisation and independence movements. Today, the French island of Corsica is a popular tourist destination attracting visitors from all over the world who enjoy the island's beautiful nature, rich history and unique culture.

The island is known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters and breathtaking mountain landscapes. Corsica is also known for its culinary specialities, including local cheese, wine and charcuterie. The island is home to several notable cities, including Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, and Bastia, a bustling port city on the island's northern coast.

How about more action? Corsica's mountainous landscape offers hiking and trekking opportunities for all levels. The GR20, a long-distance hiking trail that runs through the island's central mountains, is popular with experienced hikers. So what are you waiting for?

Enjoy the local cuisine on your cruise. Corsica's rich culinary tradition focuses on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Be sure to try local specialities such as Corsican charcuterie, cheese and wine.

Visit historical sites: Corsica has a rich history with influences from Italian, French and Corsican traditions. The island has several historical sites, including the Citadel of Calvi and the Genoese Towers Citadel of Bonifacio. The influence that Rome has had on Corsica can also be seen in its architecture. Many of the island's most important historical sites, such as the Roman theatre in Aleria, are Roman in origin and reflect the architectural style of Rome from the period.

Corsica on the Mediterranean has a rich cultural heritage and offers numerous festivals and events throughout the year. These include the Chestnut Festival in November, the Carnaval de l'Ile-Rousse in February and the Calvi Jazz Festival in June. Discover the country and take part in these events during your yacht charter!

You can also take a boat trip on the Mediterranean: Explore the coast and nearby islands on a boat tour aboard your catamaran. You can choose from various options, including catamaran tours, sunset cruises and snorkelling trips.

Or visit the local markets: Corsica on the Mediterranean has several lively markets where you can find local products, handicrafts and souvenirs. The most popular markets include Ajaccio market, Bastia market and L'Île-Rousse market.

Sailing conditions and climate in Corsica

The climate in Corsica is generally Mediterranean, with hot summers and mild winters for your yacht charter. The island enjoys plenty of sunshine all year round, with over 300 days of sunshine a year. The best time to sail your catamaran or sailboat in Corsica is from May to September when the temperatures are warm, and the sea is calm.

Corsica is known for its mistral winds, which can sometimes be strong and gusty. The mistral generally blows from the northwest and can be particularly strong in the north of the island during your week's holiday on the catamaran. Other winds that affect sailing conditions on your catamaran in Corsica are the sirocco, a hot, dry wind from the southeast, and the libeccio, a south-westerly wind that can be strong and bring rough seas.

The water temperature varies between 14°C in winter and 26°C in summer. The water is generally warm enough from June to September for swimming and other sports.

The tides and currents are generally mild, except for the Strait of Bonifacio, which can be quite strong due to the narrow channel between Corsica and Sardinia.

In the summer, the weather on your catamaran in Corsica is generally hot and dry, with occasional thunderstorms. Winter weather can be cooler and wetter, with occasional snow at higher altitudes.  If you would prefer to separate yourself from crowds, plan your boat rental holiday for early spring or late autumn. Along the coastline of Corsica, many ports are at your disposal year-round for anchorage, fueling, and any assistance you may need during your yacht charter (Port of Ajaccio, Costa Marina in Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio…).

Corsica is an excellent destination for sailors, with warm weather, clear waters and stunning coastal scenery. It is essential to know the wind and weather conditions, especially during the mistral season, and plan your sailing route accordingly. Your time on your catamaran or boat (whether you rent with a skipper or bareboat) will be unforgettable!

Visit the Different Cities of Corsica

  • Ajaccio: Navigate to Napoleon's birthplace and enter the south's main port! Ajaccio is the largest city in Corsica, as well as the capital. Here you can visit the home where Napoleon was born at Maison Bonaparte, visit the cathedral, or stroll down the many immaculate beaches in the area. If navigating the island of beauty in August, stop at Ajaccio on August 15th. Each year the town celebrates the birth of its most famous resident with a parade and fireworks display.
  • Bastia: Want to explore the northern part of the island of Corsica? Moor your yacht charter in this bustling commercial port. Explore the lively St. Nicolas Square and choose from the bars and restaurants surrounding it. Enjoy a delicious Mediterranean meal at La Table du Marche just by the fountain!
  • Bonifacio: You can’t visit Corsica without stopping at the breathtaking town of Bonifacio, located in the southernmost part of the island. Home to a lively harbour, this town is the oldest on the island of Corsica. Passengers can experience the fantastic panoramic view of Bonifacio and the surrounding Corsica area from the cliff tops. Bonifacio is only 12km from Sardinia, so it is easy to spot the heavy Italian influence within the community.
  • Propriano: The city of Propriano on the southwestern coast of Corsica offers stunning beaches with clear turquoise waters, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. In addition, there are various hiking trails and outdoor activities for those who love nature and adventure. Propriano also has a picturesque harbour where visitors can watch ships and yachts come and go while enjoying a meal at one of the many restaurants nearby. The town of Propriano is known for its delicious cuisine and wine, with numerous local specialities and vineyards to explore while on your yacht charter.
  • Calvi: The charming town of Calvi in Corsica offers a mix of history, natural beauty, and modern amenities. Its picturesque marina, surrounded by colourful buildings and the imposing Citadel, is a sight to behold. The town's beaches, including the famous Plage de Calvi, offer crystal-clear waters and a stunning view of the surrounding mountains. Visitors can view the town's history by visiting the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, the Calvi Citadel, or taking a stroll through the old town's narrow streets. With its pleasant climate, delicious cuisine, and vibrant nightlife, Calvi is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a memorable Mediterranean experience.
  • Costa: The Costa region is a must-visit for anyone travelling to the island. The region boasts some of the most stunning scenery on the island, with crystal-clear waters, a stunning coastline, and picturesque fishing villages. The Costa also offers a range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, diving, and sailing. Visitors can explore the Cap Corse, a stunning peninsula at the island's northernmost point, or relax on one of the many secluded beaches. The region is also known for its delicious seafood cuisine and locally produced wines. With its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and delicious cuisine, the Costa region of Corsica is a perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty and charm of this unique island.

Take a trip to Italy

Sailing from Corsica to Italy can be a beautiful and enjoyable experience. Depending on your starting point in Corsica and your final destination in Italy, there are several options for your sailing route.

Sailing from Corsica to Civitavecchia is a popular route for sailors who want to explore the Italian coast. Civitavecchia is a port city located in the Lazio region of Italy, about 70 km northwest of Rome. Depending on your type of cruise ship and the weather, it usually takes less than a day to travel from Corsica to Civitavecchia.

Reaching your cruise in Corsica

Four airports and numerous ports are scattered across this island. With so many options, getting to a yacht charter in Corsica is easy!

  • Bastia Poretta Airport (BIA) – Located 17 kilometres from the centre of Bastia, this airport offers an array of direct flights from European cities and accommodates low-cost airlines!
  • Calvi Sainte Catherine Airport (CLY) – 6 kilometres away from the centre of Calvi.
  • Ajaccio Napoléon Bonaparte Airport (AJA) – One of the busier airports on the island of Corsica. If you arrive here, you are only 5 kilometres from the city centre of Ajaccio.
  • Figari Airport (FSC) – only 6 kilometres from central Figari or 20 minutes drive from Bonifacio.

How does a cabin cruise work?

Cabin cruises offer complete comfort and luxury, and with a huge variety of charters available to book, you will certainly find the ideal cruise for your week (or more!) in Corsica.

A cabin cruise is different to chartering a ship bareboat, as everything is organised on behalf of the cruise passengers. An intinerary full of activities and beautiful destinations will be planned along with a full or half board meal package.

We offer many ships and cruises to passengers who wish to travel here. Whether you wish to spend your days lazily cruising along the coast, relaxing on the ship's deck, or exploring the coastline's many destinations, we have a package to suit any person! A cabin cruise is a luxury experience as it includes all the comforts on board at our price.

Our skipper and crew shall take care of the itinerary during your cruise freeing you from worry and stress as they offer you their exceptional services. A skipper chooses the best route for sailing, and the other crew members remain at your disposal to take care of all the essential details (no matter how small!) onboard and in your cabins to make your trip outstanding. Booking a cabin on a sailing cruise can be a great way to meet new people and make friends while exploring the area and on the ship's deck.

The crew will prepare food daily with traditional gastronomic flavours of France included in the full board. You will also be able to benefit from the services of the hostess regularly cleaning the common area of the cruise ship.

Enjoy the view as you cruise the sea, sit on the deck, read a great book, or ask the crew for some sailing tips! In the skipper's free time, they will happily help you brush up on your sailing knowledge. Or rest in your air-conditioned cabins onboard the ship or in the catamaran saloon. The ship offers you plenty of space and comfort, so you can retire to your cabins anytime and have a moment away from the other passengers on the boat.

Do you already have dates in mind for your cruise? Talk to one of our expert booking advisors who will recommend the best deals for whatever time of year you wish to sailing. When you book a cruise early, there are sometimes special deals that passengers can avail of. Our booking staff can offer their services and advise on the details of our cruises using real clients' reviews and data as well as their years of experience in the industry to guide you.

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We have many cruises available for your group: sailboat, catamaran or gulet in a private cabin or suite with board and excursions included. A sailing trip in Corsica is one of our most demanded cabin cruises and receives rave reviews yearly. Even if you are not an expert in navigation, a cabin cruise includes the experience of living closely with the ins and outs of crewing the ship for the week.

If your ideal vacation day consists of relaxing on the deck of a ship in the sun, then a GlobeSailor cruise is the thing for you! The cruise price may often seem higher than usual, but this includes a paid skipper and crew to take care of all your cruise needs. Under the care of a professional skipper, the yacht or catamaran will be managed expertly. Allowing cabin cruise passengers to fully focus on discovering some of the many best destinations in the area. Cruises with a skipper are also an opportunity to visit their itinerary's many places of interest. Each stop during the cruise at one of the ports offers many sightseeing or relaxation activities, allowing you to make the most of your trip! So don't worry about how many days your cruise lasts because the itinerary is designed so that no places of interest are missed!