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August 2020
Amalfi and the Capri area offers some Stunning scenery, a great welcome and some steep prices! Things were quieter than usual this year due to C19, but still some harbours and marinas were pretty full. By looking around you can find v good anchorages - we anchored 3 nights from 6 - but even Buoy moorings cost €120-140 a night. Marinas are €150 a night (and can be double this In capri, so avoid the marina there and anchor in the bay on south coast of the island). For a normal year, plan for it to be super busy and hard to get a berth/ mooring. Suck up the high costs and you will have a Great time!
July 2016
Should have done it years ago!! What an experience. Sun, sea, views.......!
July 2016
We have a skipper Fidelio and hostess Anna Maria, I could not give them enough praise, they truly made or holiday. I can not remember when I relaxed as much. They were always there when needed but never in your space which is hard to imagine in such a tight space.
Haider Omar
September 2021
We had a brand new Sun Odyssey 410 "Fortnite" which was faultless and 4 crew (2 newbies, 1 competent crew and me, the Skipper). Castellammare di Stabia is about 30 minutes from Naples International, pre book your taxi with The Captain's Corner restaurant in the marina is great for coffee and lunch with very friendly and nice staff. The base manager, Gianluca, is very professional and polite. It should be borne in mind that the Castellammare di Stabia area is very deprived with high unemployment and low incomes, so I wouldn't advise venturing into town. Having said that, the base team did organise for a local supermarket to pick me up from the marina and drive me free of charge to their grocery store for the week's shop (20 min drive each way). I'd definitely recommend that option. The Amalfi cost has no natural harbours, so research marinas and availability before you go. We went from Castellammare to Ischia then to Capri to Amalfi Town to Positano to Sorrento to Castellammare. Re marinas, Capri is a nightmare, not challenging to navigate but Capri Marina Grande seem to hate charter boats as they rely on superyachts for the majority of their income. So on arrival at Capri for our PRE BOOKED bert we were 'greeted' by the most useless/negligent dockhand in history (Vicenzo, about 30 years old, 180cm, tattoos on his left arm). He did a bowline but when we requested a slip, he simply walked away and swore at us. Luckily a German crew next to us helped. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is a James Bond-esque marina chap at Amalfi Town marina, Giulio. He was absolutely AMAZING, worth going to that marina just for his close quarter skills. When we arrived at Amalfi Town, I thought Giulio would simply guide us in on his rib, nope! He rocked up to our transom on his rib, jumped on, took the helm, max revs and parked our boat through impossible gaps at max speed. Suffice to say the ladies on board were, shall we say, somewhat 'excited' by Giulio's exploits in a 50 Shades of Grey sense! Positano only has mooring balls, and they charge you for two nights if you arrive before 5pm. If you're planning this trip, we found the ladies on board wanted to stay in Capri for 2 nights and do more bling shopping!! we only managed 1 night and I didn't hear the end of it!!! Amazing scenery and very reasonably priced restaurants all over Amalfi
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