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Three Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Kotor

1. Boka Bay

The Bay of Kotor is located in the southwestern region of Montenegro and in the heart of the Adriatic Sea. As you enter the bay, also locally known as Boka, you will be immediately impressed by its vast size and beauty. It is the deepest Fjord-like bay in the Mediterranean and is composed of four inner gulfs. Two limestone mountain ranges, Orjen and Lovćen, surround the bay on either side, which make up a breathtaking backdrop for your cruise. A spectacular sight to see! With such a scenic setting and glorious sailing conditions, this bay is a common navigation route for sailors sailing through the Adriatic. Easily navigate your yacht charter from one enchanting medieval town to the next to explore the country’s historic jewels.

2. Legendary Islands

Within the Boka Bay, adjacent to the town of Perast, are two small islands. Our Lady of the Rocks and the Island of Saint George are both must-see attractions and have had historical significance on the regions past.
Our Lady of the Rocks, also known as Gospa od Skrpjela, is a national landmark. On this article island you can visit a church and a museum. Keep in mind when visiting, that this is a place of worship, so it is advised to come respectfully dressed. Legend has it that it was here two fishermen came across an image of the Virgin Mary, which helped heal one of the men. Every year on July 22nd, to honor the day the icon was found, locals come on their boats and throw rocks into the sea. This custom is then followed by a celebration and a seafood meal!
The Island of Saint George, also known as the island of the dead, has a mysterious and fascinating history. It was used as a local cemetery and was once cursed by the Roman Pope after a crime was committed on it. Today, it is a private monastery island, so you cannot actually land on it. However, you can navigate your yacht charter in Kotor close to its shoreline to get some good photos!

3. A Culinary Experience

With a vast historical past, Montenegro has been influenced by many outside cultures. This blend of cultures can be heavily seen in its cuisine as its traditional dishes vary by region. Due to Kotor’s close proximity to Adriatic coastline, you are sure to enjoy some of the best seafood you’ve ever tasted here! While on your nautical holiday do not hesitate to try dishes such as Buzara, a seafood lover’s dream, or Burek, a tasty pastry that is found in most bakeries. If you prefer to cook onboard your yacht charter, fill your boat rental fridge with fresh products from the local markets.

Sailing Route

Make the most of your time in Boka Bay and explore each medieval town surrounding it. Start your yacht charter in Kotor! Before departure be sure to check out the Old Town and visit the Castle of San Giovanni.
After leaving Kotor, sail towards Perast, known for its churches and stone palaces. With only one main street, you will be surprised to learn how mighty this tiny town once was!
Get ready to navigate your yacht charter through the Verige Strait! At its narrowest point, the Verige Strait is only 340 meters wide. This channel connects the inner and outer bays together.
Next on your itinerary: the town of Tivat. Once an old naval base, today people come to visit its high-end marina and exceptional restaurants. Enjoy a delicious seafood dish at one of the waterfront restaurants while admiring the various luxury yachts docked in the harbor.
Finally, spend some time in Herceg Novi, located at the entrance of the bay. Enjoy an afternoon relaxing on one of its pebble beaches or take a stroll along its promenade. Don’t forget to find your way to Kanli Kula, an ancient fortress and amphitheater, where are the top you’ll witness sweeping views of the bay.
For those with a bit more time to spare or those eager to check out the Croatian coastline, it is possible to make a stopover in Dubrovnik with your boat rental! Dubrovnik is Europe’s current holiday hotspot and is easily accessible as you exit the bay.

Getting to your boat rental

The location of Tivat Airport makes getting to your yacht charter in Kotor easy! It is only a ten-minute drive from the town. For those flying into Dubrovnik, organize a taxi or take public transportation to reach your starting base. Your journey will take around two hours and costs less than €20.