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Entrance coordinates: East: 23º 42' 03'' / North: 37º 54' 68''
Kalamaki Marina has about 1000 berths (of which a little more than 300 are for visitors) and an additional 600 berths on land.
The port of Kalamaki is well equipped: water, electricity supply and toilet facilities, refuelling services, telephone and internet connections are all available to you.
If you are looking for a shipchandler, you will find some along Vougliami Avenue.Kalamaki Marina (or Alimos) is situated at about 1.5 nautical miles southeast of Faliron. Be careful with the reef southwest of Ak Ay Kosmas, 1 nautical mile south of the marina. The end of the reef is indicated by a beacon.
You will be able to moor along the west pier, where you can find a space. Visitors are supposed to moor alongside the inner west pier (berths A-E), but it is difficult to find a space.

What to see in and around Alimos Marina

Alimos Marina (and its surroundings) isn’t the most tranquil marina in Greece but you can stop there for a few days to visit the nearby area, stroll around and go out at night for a drink or a bite to eat. Three kilometres away from there, Glyfada features shopping streets that are very lively, especially in the evening.
Because of its proximity with the Greek capital city, Kalamaki harbour gives you the opportunity to discover the rich heritage of Athens. The Parthenon on the Athenian Acropolis, the Agora, the Theatre of Dyonisus, the Panathenaic Stadium and the Olympieion are all wonderful sites retracing the greatness and splendour of the Greek capital in Antiquity.And make the most of your trip to taste Greek food and its culinary specialities...!!