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Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and a great starting point for a yacht charter holiday . Tenerife is an exciting and dynamic place and is a great if you want to enjoy the buzzing night life. Nevertheless Tenerife is also a wonderful destination if you want to relax in beautiful surroundings. Stopover at Tenerife and enjoy its sandy beaches and the natural wonders of Parque Nacional del Tide. Take a break from sailing, drop your anchor and head for one of the excellent restaurants offering traditional Canarian cuisine or make the most of the variety of luxurious boutiques. Sail around Tenerife on your rented boat and admire the underwater wildlife while snorkelling or look out for dolphins. Tenerife has something to entice everyone!

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4.2/5 - 45 reviews
December 2017
We booked this boat in December. Check in and check out process was really quick. Staff was helpful. The boat itsel was in fair condition for a 10 year old boat. The finish on furniture and on the deck somewhat worn, but the boat was in full working order, sails in good condition, easy to furl and unfurl. The throttle handle was sticky and a bit tough to switch from reverse to forward. They said they were going to fix it. Awerall, it was definitely a great boat for the price we payed in December. Regarding the weather, we always had a fair wind, the temperature was a bit chilly out in the sea, but at the shore it was warm enough to sunbathe and swim. It gets quite hot when the sun is out. The seawater was warm(at least for a person coming from north). Marina Del Sur is a good place to start out for La Gomera and La Palma.
February 2017
Didn't have any problems during this trip. Thank you very much.
March 2016
For me everything OK Thanks!
January 2015
The boat was not ready on Saturday. We have to wait till Sunday around 10.30.but personal was very skilled and fine.
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