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June 2017
Great Team! Great Welcome! GREAT NATURE! Amazing Week! Good value for Money, boat is from 2011 and was OK. No problems of any kind. Some nice little gestures and touches that made a difference (stay last night in Vieux Port, etc)
June 2013
Very good reception, basically a good ship, but could benefit from little maintenance. Over all a very good experience
July 2011
2 bad days & 2 nice days. Some informations from the renter to navigate well. 1 stop for two nights at Cassis, wonderfull! Thanks a lot!
June 2019
We booked on short notice for a shorter than standard cruise. The local charter company said it was no problem, and offered an excellent boat at a good price with an amazing skipper. This was our first time chartering in Europe, and there were some differences in custom; but our booking agent was prompt to answer all of our questions with great clarity. The boat itself was amazing and in top shape. I spend a lot of time on boats, and the Experience was very well cared for. The only piece of equipment that was not in complete working order was the electric starter on the transom grill, which only worked some of the time. An electric grill lighter exposed to salt air won’t last long, it was wishful thinking of the boat builder to put one there, and a credit to the charter company's shore team that it worked at all! This is the level of detailed care they gave the boat. The result was a worry free cruise. The skipper arranged by the base manager was equally top notch. A skilled professional who knew the area well, Nicholas went above and beyond to make sure we had a good cruise. There is no expectation that a skipper do more than look after the safe navigation of the boat, but Nicholas really went the extra mile to ensure the fun navigation!
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La Ciotat / Cassis / Marseille
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