Catamaran Charter in Carloforte

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Why choose a catamaran charter in Carloforte?

Carloforte is the only village and the only municipality on the island of San Pietro, the second in the Sulcis archipelago, of volcanic origin. It is a Genoese settlement in Sardinia, which still preserves the Ligurian language and traditions. Its rugged coastline offers impressive natural landscapes. From this port, which is integrated into the picturesque village, you can set off towards the west coast of Sardinia or discover the south, two ideal destinations both for those looking for corners of unspoiled nature with cobalt blue or turquoise waters and for those who prefer a fashionable stopover. You can also go down to Tunisia which is only 110 miles away.

The coasts of Carloforte are simply magnificent. A catamaran charter in Carloforte offers an alternation of sandy beaches, such as La Bobba or Guidi, and enchanting rocky coves, such as Cala, Fico whose plentiful supply of fish amaze all those who scuba-dive there. A few metres from the cliff are Le Colonne, two rocky peaks about 16m high. Among the many traditions preserved in Carloforte, gastronomy is becoming increasingly important, in particular thanks to two festivals that the municipality has recently promoted: the festival of Cuscus Tabarkino, the Tunisian dish reworked in traditional Genoese style, and the Girotonno; a food festival that takes places each year at the start of summer.

Discover Sardinia

The second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, Sardinia is three times the size of Corsica. It is located in the middle of the western Mediterranean between the Tirreno pond (Tyrrhenian Sea) in the east and the Sardegna pond (Sardinian Sea) in the west. It is the oldest land in Italy! Cast your eyes up its white sandy beaches, its turquoise water, its small lost coves and its rustic coastline that attracts flocks of tourists during the summer. A diverse territory, with a fascinating history and deep-rooted traditions. Locals with serious character, proud to tell the story of their land with passion.

Curate a personalised, once-in-a-lifetime sailing itinerary for you and your loved ones

Below are examples of stopovers that can be selected as part of a 7-day catamaran charter in Carloforte. Please note that your sailing itinerary may be adapted to cater to your needs, as well as changing weather conditions.

Stop 1: Carloforte

Tour of the Island of San Pietro, evening stop at the port of Carloforte to sample some local cuisine at the Da Nicolo restaurant.

Stop 2: San Antocio and La Colonne di Carloforte

Long trip to do a tour around Cape Teulada (military zone, forbidden to land there). Stop for a spot of lunch on the wild coast of Sant'Antioco. Then, enjoy the views as you anchor at La Colonne di Carloforte.

Stop 3: Porto di Teulada

Set sail for the small port Marina di Teulada (on the way you can stop at Piscinni beach).

Stop 4: Perda Longa

In Pula enjoy snorkelling the Phoenician mosaics that have since been submerged. Then drop anchor in the Bay of Perda Longa, a well-sheltered anchorage with a sandy seabed.

Stop 5: Setti Ballas

Stunning anchorage with azure blue waters and fine sandy beaches.

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