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Welcome to Calabria!

An ideal destination for sailing enthusiasts, Italy offers some of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe with sandy beaches, turquoise seas and rocky, indented coastlines. Pisa, Livorno, the island of Elba... Cultural sites and maritime landscapes of all beauty, the charm of Tuscany fascinates sailors. Nestled in the south west, Calabria is one of the most attractive areas for sailing. Between sea and mountains, it is home to picturesque cities such as Tropea and is only about thirty nautical miles from Stromboli for those who want to take their boat through the Aeolian Islands in north-west Sicily. A catamaran charter in Calabria is the perfect way to explore Italy’s architectural heritage and its stunning coastline.

Why Tropea is a 'must' during a catamaran charter in Calabria

Tropea has buckets to offer: a crystal-clear sea with white sandy beaches which will delight lovers of citrus gardens, vineyards and olive trees, a rich seabed that will delight fishermen and a city rich in monuments and cultural landmarks! Don't hesitate to discover the city centre with its various narrow streets and noble palaces and then wine and dine in one of its local restaurants. Not to be missed during the month of July: Tropea Red Onion and Bluefish Festival, a festival in honour of the traditional cuisine and which attracts every year a good number of visitors. During your catamaran charter in Calabria, make a stopover in Palmi where you can enjoy a seaside resort and excursions on Mount Sant'Elia and in the Aspromonte National Park. Don't miss a visit to the Church of the Immaculate Conception, and all the museums of the House of Culture including the Ethnographic Museum, the Pinacoteca of Modern Art, the Guerrisi Museum, the Municipal Library and the Antiquarium. Continue your journey with a visit to Milazzo, the closest port to the Aeolian Islands. Here, there are several Renaissance style churches from the 16th and 17th century. Several palaces populate this part of the town including the Palazzo Municipal and the Palazzo d'Amico near the sea. There are also several villas built between the 17th and 20th centuries scattered throughout the city and the surrounding countryside.

Sample itinerary: A week-long cruise from Tropea to the Aeolian Islands

Day 1: Tropea - Stromboli (32 NM)

Tropea, ideal departure to reach the Aeolian Islands. The main attraction in Stromboli is of course its volcano, an astonishing contrast of colours arises between the light of the lava, the white houses and the black sand.

Day 2: Stromboli - Panarea (10 NM)

The trendiest of the islands, it attracts high-profile international celebs. Laze around and swim on the La Spiagetta beach. A must see, 2 NM from Panarea, is the Basiluzzo rock which stands vertically above the sea.

Day 3: Panarea - Salina (11 NM)

Santa Marina is the largest port of Salina, you will discover beautiful sandy beaches, good restaurants and beautiful volcanic vegetation. The amateurs of hikes will be delighted.

Day 4: Salina - Filicudi (15 NM)

Filicudi, the prettiest and wildest island of wind turbines. To see, the famous Blue Grotto. Beautiful walks in perspective...

Day 5: Filicudi - Lipari (20 NM)

Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands. to visit the old town, the port, its many bars, cafes and restaurants. and these luxury shops. Protected anchorages, snorkelling sites, not to be missed the diving spot of La Franata Dell Archipelago (between Vulcano and Lipari) and the white stone beaches.

Day 6: Lipari - Vulcano (6 NM)

As you near the finale of your catamaran charter in Calabria, enjoy a spot oh hiking to see the crater of Vulcano… the view is amazing!

Day 7: Vulcano - Tropea (47 NM)

Departure from Vulcano early in the morning to sail to Tropea, the return base.Day 8: Disembarkation at 08:00.

Sailing conditions in Italy

Italy's climate is considered one of the most pleasant in Europe: mild in winter, hot and dry from May to the end of September. The average water temperature is 22°. When you rent a yacht, you will enjoy the mild weather and a relaxing cruise.In Tuscany, the prevailing wind in July and August is westerly, north-westerly, while the island of Elba will be more often under the influence of a south-easterly wind.Along the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea, passing through the regions of Rome, Naples and Calabria, winds are generally light in summer. There is are a couple of sea and land breezes, with a south-westerly, south-easterly wind blowing in the afternoon and dying off in the evening. In spring and autumn, frequent but short-lived gales are common.

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