1124 Catamarans to Rent in the Caribbean

Catamaran charter in Caribbean

Three Reasons to Charter a Catamaran in the Caribbean

1. World-Class Beaches

The Caribbean has a beach for everyone! Dazzling white sands or secluded, romantic coves… A catamaran charter in these magnificent islands will leave you with an endless amount of choices, so set sail and stop off on St. Barthélemy, and sunbathe on the stunning, secluded Anse de Gouveneur U-shaped beach! Or venture to the world-famous Grace Bay Beach on the island of Providenciales, where the powdery white sand and glistening sapphire waters will make you feel like you’ve just walked straight off a postcard.

2. Mesmerizing Marine Life

The waters of the Caribbean archipelago are home to an astonishing 12,000 marine species - if not more! This makes the sea not only a sailor’s paradise but a diver and snorkeler’s too. Pack your equipment on board your catamaran (Note: Snorkel gear may be included in your charter price!), and explore crystal clear water brimming with the vivid colours of coral and marine life. If your catamaran charter is based in the Bahamas, keep an eye out for curious bottlenose dolphins, hawksbill turtles and maybe even a humpback whale if you’re lucky!

3. Rustic Island Charm

A boat rental in the Caribbean doesn’t just give you a sailing trip, but allows you to delve into the fascinating history of the islands. Charter a catamaran in the Dominican Republic and stop off in Santo Domingo, the Caribbean’s largest city, crammed with enchanting forts, cathedrals and monasteries. Or head to Cuba’s famous capital and explore ‘Habana Vieja’, feeling like you’re walking through the streets of a 1950s movie with streets lined with vintage cars. History-lover or not, the diversity of culture and history will not fail to impress sailors and tourists alike!

Caribbean Sailing Conditions

The mild conditions of the Caribbean islands could not be more ideal for a catamaran charter. If you avoid hurricane season (June 1st – November 30th), you will likely encounter calm, consistent trade winds, with reliable warm weather and glorious sunshine. So you can kick back and sail your boat through the azure waters enjoying a blissful breeze whilst sipping on your rum cocktail! There really is no better place to rent a Catamaran; the laid-back Caribbean vibes will grant you a stress-free navigation, sailing under the sunset along to the distant rhythms of reggae.

Rhythms of the Caribbean

Caribbean music is a captivating part of the culture so don’t miss the chance to explore the salsa, calypso and reggae beats which are the heart and soul of these extraordinary islands! If you charter your catamaran from Veradero, make sure you venture into Havana and pay a visit to ‘Casa de la Música’ and dance to the rhythms of the very best Cuban salsa bands. Or if you’re sailing past Jamaica, be sure to moor your boat and seek out some reggae beats which characterize the island’s easygoing ambience, and maybe pay a visit to Kingston’s Bob Marley Museum to uncover the history of the world-renowned legend.

Getting There

The Caribbean Islands have more than 50 international airports between them, many of which also offer internal flights, so travelling to your catamaran charter base will be easy.

  • Bahamas: Grand Bahama International Airport, located in Freeport, Bahamas.
  • British Virgin Islands: Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport, located on Beef Island - just off the main island of Tortola.
  • Cuba: José Martí International Airport, located 15km southwest of Havana, Cuba’s capital.
  • Grenada: Maurice Bishop International Airport, located 8km north of the capital, St. George’s.