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Motor boat charter in Zadar

How to spend a week on a yacht charter in Zadar

Spend a day discovering the art of Zadar

It takes amazing amount of creativity to shape the landscape of Croatia into works of art. But that is what Nikola Bašić achieved, resulting in iconic and distinct pieces of work that attract people every year. The Sea Organ is a wonderful marble structure which uses to waves to create a haunting sound which echoes in this part of Zadar. It is the perfect stopping point during your motorboat charter for relaxation, to enjoy some lunch on the shore before continuing to sail to the other islands. Another sculpture by the same artist, Greeting to the Sun, has a perfect view of any neighbouring island, which you may choose to sail to on your yacht. At night, it uses the sun’s energy collected during the day to put on a dazzling display – a truly iconic emblem of Croatia. Visit this at night before returning to the cabins in the berths of the marina. What’s more – there is no price to enjoy these amazing pieces of art in Zadar!

Sailing the coastline of Zadar and the islands

One of the most famous beaches in all of Croatia, Sakarun, is the perfect stopping point on your week of sailing the length of the coastline on your yacht charter. Any skipper will recommend visiting here, and every week of the year sees people from all over Zadar flock to enjoy the tranquility and serenity. Next, choose to moor your motorboat in the berths of the islands nearby such as Otok Iz or Dugi Otok. There, the vivid colours will take your breath away and the luscious vegetation is the perfect place to explore. All of these outdoor activities in Zadar available at no price! Once you return to your marina, you can freshen up in the cabins before heading out to sample the nightlife of Croatia. What better way to finish the day after sailing on your yacht charter?

A week of dining and partying in Zadar

If you are looking to spend the evenings of your yacht charter holiday surrounded by friendly locals of Croatia in a welcoming atmosphere, Zadar is the place to be. After a day of sailing the uninhabited islands, return to find some great restaurants, bars, and clubs which offer great food and drink at great prices. Pet Bunara offers organic meals produced with care and served to perfection, while Mamma Mia might have the best Italian food in all of Zadar. Perhaps return to your bareboat charter for a glass of the best wine of Croatia, or if you have a skipper on your motorboat, share a glass with them in the berths of the marina. Alternatively, during your yacht charter week, visit clubs like Arsenal to dance the night away before another day sailing throughout Zadar on your boat.

Marina Zadar

With 200 berths, 100 dry berths, a Blue Flag, and anything you or your skipper may need during your yacht charter in Croatia, Marina Zadar is a perfect place to begin your sailing adventure. There are ample facilities here of which you can avail before exploring the length of the coast and the nearby islands on your motorboat. Every day you can make use of the showers, should you prefer to change here rather than the cabins of your boat. It is competitively priced also, compared to larger cities in Croatia. Marina Zadar is also conveniently located close to dining establishments, meaning you don’t have far to go from the berths to find something to eat during the week. All of these bonuses make a yacht charter in Zadar all the more appealing, no matter if it is a bareboat catamaran or a motorboat with skipper.

How to get to Marina Zadar

With six international airports in Croatia which operate flights every day of the week to locations across the world, reaching your motorboat in the berths of Marina Zadar couldn’t be easier. High season during the year sees the frequency of flights increase, but you may also be subject to a higher price. The closest airport to Zadar is just outside the city and there are bus connections every thirty minutes. If you choose to get a bus to your yacht charter location, many major European destinations offer routes. Of course, once you arrive in Marina Zadar, meet your skipper, and unpack your bags in the cabins, sailing will become your main form of transport. Just leave the berths, spend the day on your motorboat or yacht charter, and explore the length of Croatia and its beautiful islands.