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Small Island Tour

Start your small island tour in the Sporades just off the coast of Skiathos. Sail southeast of the port of Skiathos and you will reach the island Tsougria. The island is a protected natural habitat but has amazing beaches. The coastline is gleaming with green pine and crystal-clear turquoise water. Sail west and anchor at Dasia Skopelou island. This small island has a fairy-tale sea cave along its rugged coastline that is only accessible by kayak. This island has no beaches but is ideal for a swim stop on the way to Skopelos. Peristera is the closest island to Alonissos and has a few inhabitants and alluring coves. Venture into the island’s sea cave or snorkel to see the beaming marine life just under the waves. Just off the coast of the island is an ancient Greek shipwreck from 5th century B.C. with more than 3000 amphorae’s on the sea floor. Visit Kyra Panagia on your yacht charter in the Sporades. This island has a repaired post-Byzantine Monastery dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin Mary along with two deep bays that serve as natural havens. Travel to see the tallest and brightest light house of the Aegean Sea on the island of Psathoura. This volcanic island is said to be the ancient Alonissos because of the remains of a submerged ancient town. The last island to visit in Sporades is Skantzoura. It is a flat island with white marble shores. It in zone B of the marine park and is an important habitat for Elenora’s falcon and Audouin’s Gull. Once a monastic centre now the only remnant is an abandoned monastery in the center of the island.

Nightlife on the islands

Skiathos Island, the most cosmopolitan island in the Sporades, is home to many bars and clubs. Most are along the port of Skíathos Town and in the old town. If you want to party and dance all night long during your yacht charter in Sporades, the Bar Street on the eastern side of the harbour is the ideal place for you. Visit Mercuris Cocktail bar for a drink with a spectacular view of the harbour. This bar and its drinks have been the favorites amongst royals and celebrities alike. Watch the sunset over the charming port while enjoying live music and a fresh drink. If you love being close to the water, make your way to the beach bars around midnight for the summer beach party of the century. If you are more into arts, the outdoor cinemas in Skaithos are definitely the place to be. You can enjoy your favorite films under the starry Greek summer sky. You can also visit the open-air theatres next to the fortress where concerts and plays take place during the summer months. If you would like to enjoy calmer nights during your yacht charter in Sporades, the south coast of Skaithos, Skopelos and Skyros nightlife is the way to go. A typical night out includes dinner and a few drinks with soft music. Visit Vrachos, a bar in Skopelos Town, to enjoy a homemade rose lemonade or one of their original cocktails.


Characterized by its simplicity and strong flavors, cuisine in the Sporades is a twist on the typical Mediterranean style of cooking. The Sporades are well-known for their dairy products, thyme honey and spoon sweets. Each island has it’s own specialty that cannot be found anywhere else in the Sporades. Many of the meals are prepared with fresh herbs like thyme, mint, oregano, rosemary and dill. Olive oil is standard in Greece and the islands are no exception. Although the traditional main dish may differ from island to island, the sides are standard. Zucchini fritters, grilled vegetable maroulli salata (lettuce salad, green onion and dill) and grilled eggplant with tomato and feta are the typical side dishes for every meal. Aperitifs will always include hummus and tzatziki! During your yacht charter in the Sporades, try amigdalota, almond macaroons, while at Skyros Island. Most of the sweets are made from almonds rather than fruit. While mooring at Skopelos Island, sample the famed Skopelian cheese pie and plums. On Alonissos island, the specialty dish is spaghetti with lobster or dried squid and octopus salad. Depending on the season the staple fish are red mullet, tuna, and swordfish.