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The beaches of St. Vincent Island

St. Vincent island has beaches unlike the quintessential Caribbean beaches, that have beautiful white sand and turquoise waters. Most of the beaches pay homage to their volcanic origins with the dark grey and black sand that melt into the cobalt blue sea. Along the windward coast the very calm Biabou beach, is ideal for sunbathing and pure relaxation. Indian Bay Beach is one of the few white sand beaches on the island which is why it is also one of the more popular beaches on the island. The white sand and clear turquoise waters remind you of the idyllic Caribbean beach paradise. Visit Sandy Bay beach and its surrounding areas as this is where the St. Vincent Caribs lived and so do their descendants. Last but certainly not least visit Rawacou beaches. Surrounded by coconut trees and sea grapes, this beach has a distinct tropical feel. On your yacht charter in St. Vincent sail along the coast and eventually you will come to Mt. Young Beach at Black point which is the longest stretch of beach in St. Vincent.

Underwater Adventures

Nicknamed the “critter capital of the Caribbean” St. Vincent island’s underwater landscape is a rainbow of colors. There is ample marine life thriving in its coral reefs, making this an ideal place to kayak, snorkel or dive to get a glimpse of the extraordinary sea life. As a part of the Caribbean Islands Biodiversity Hotspot, St. Vincent has many endemic, rare and endangered species in its waters. Swim next to hawksbill turtle or baby seahorses. Take a break from your yacht charter in St. Vincent and hop onto a motorboat to Petit Byahaut. This small secluded bay has a black sand beach with coral in just 2 inches of water that continues as the water gets deeper. Don’t forget to bring along your snorkeling gear! The waters of northern St. Vincent are unspoilt allowing you to see most of the marine life living undisturbed by commercial and local traffic. Visit Anchor reef, which was voted one of the top diving sites in the world. It is a wall dive with swim-throughs and lovely coral reef. Another great dive site is Coral Castle, where there is coral growing on top of volcanic rock. There is a large variety of coral here from sea fans to brain coral. Your journey under the waves will be just as exhilarating as your yacht charter in St. Vincent!


The small island has some of the most fertile land in the Caribbean. Most of the amazing produce is grown in the Mesopotamia Valley. Largely known as the national symbol of St. Vincent, the breadfruit did not originate in the Caribbean. The fruit was brought over in 1793 by Captain Willian Bligh to provide a cheaper food option for the slaves. The breadfruit is a superfood. Rich in carbohydrates, calcium, potassium and vitamin B this is quite the fruit. The national dish of St. Vincent is roasted breadfruit and Fried Jackfish. Arrowroot on the other hand is a crop that is native to the island. St. Vincent is one of the last places on earth that produces the crop for local consumption and exporting. It is grown underground, cleaned, dried and then ground into grain. Seafood is also a major part of the Vincentian diet. Mahi mahi, snapper, kingfish and tuna are the main fish consumed. Shellfish such as conch and lobster and the delicate squid and octopus are a typical part of the diet of most locals. In the town of Barrouallie, the first European colony on the west coast, black fish formally known as pilot whale is a delicacy and equally important to the livelihood of the people in the town. Take the opportunity on your yacht charter in St. Vincent Island to try local dishes and snacks. Banana fritters are a common snack on the island. Mandongo dumplings, a baked or fried specialty made with the arrowroot flour nutmeg and coconut is made in most restaurants and homes. Not to mention the famed St. Vincent golden and red rums are the epitome of alcohol on the island rather it be for punch or just a quick drink. Hairoun beer, named after the island itself, has flavors like mauby which is a mix of local tree barks, spices and ginger beer. Fresh and packed with much flavor, the cuisine of St. Vincent is very Caribbean but has its own personal twist on it.