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Sailing in Cannes

As Cannes is one of the most popular destinations for sailing on the French Riviera, and indeed the whole Mediterranean, the high season in the summer can see large crowds descend for their sailing holiday. Sailing can be enjoyed as early as March, when the sun is still shining, and the marinas are less full. The area is home to some gentle breezes and gentle tides, so it is perfect for anyone who is looking to charter a yacht in an idyllic Mediterranean destination. Early spring can sometimes see stronger winds due to the Mistral Wind of the South of France. Why not avail of the warmer sea temperatures in autumn, which is also when the Cannes Sailing Festival welcomes a host of sailors to the iconic French city.

The Cannes marina is one of the oldest on the French Riviera with 250 moorings dedicated to visiting boaters. There you will find all the necessary amenities for a pleasant and carefree stop. The port is very sheltered but the outer harbour can be choppy when there is a strong easterly wind. A few nautical miles away from Monaco, Antibes or the Lérin Islands, Cannes is an ideal place for a yacht charter holiday to explore the French Riviera.

Unmissable Things to do in Cannes

The Old Port of Cannes

An essential destination for anyone chartering a yacht in the South of France, this is the perfect amalgamation of the traditional French lifestyle and the luxurious reputation of Cannes. Centrally located and convenient for exploration of the Riviera, the port is well equipped and even built in line with its environment. Lining the coast are some fascinating architectural marvels, with some jaw-dropping yachts choosing this marina to dock. Explore the true heart of Cannes with a stroll along this Old Port.

The Lérins Islands

Sailing to the small cluster of islands located a stone’s-throw away from Cannes is one of the most enjoyable things to do during a sailing holiday. The largest of the islands, Sainte-Marguerite, is home to some incredible beaches perfect for a lunchtime picnic and a quick swim. There is some intriguing history linked with the island, including fortresses and prisons, meaning there is so much to learn and discover. Then, sail your chartered yacht to the second largest island, Saint-Honorat. Here, an imposing monastery overlooks the natural landscape – a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Cannes city life.

La Croisette and Le Suquet

It would not be a holiday in Cannes without mentioning La Croisette. The famed walkway is a truly memorable experience thanks to the infusion of high-end retailers which overlook the white sandy private beaches. The glitz and glamour for which the city is so renowned is on full display here and is the perfect walk for anyone chartering a yacht in the coastal city. If you prefer to see the city from a wider perspective, then Le Suquet may prove more enjoyable. Journeying upwards to gaze down over the historical winding streets of the city can present some of the best views. When you reach the higher points, such as next to Notre-Dame d’Espérance, you can observe the harbour and La Croisette in all its glory.

Musée de la Castre

Insightful historical artefacts in a stunning, landmark building. There is no better way to discover the history of this popular sailing city than this museum which houses incredible exhibits broadcasting the different eras of Cannes. Take a break from sailing on your rented yacht to delve into the artwork, trinkets, and collections which have been gathered in this museum. In addition, the museum offers unforgettable views of the landscape, with the 12th century tower being the best place to avail of these breathtaking views of Cannes.

Dining in Cannes

You may think that food and drink are too expensive in Cannes, but there are some great cheaper alternatives which do not skimp on the quality. Bar du Marin, located close to La Croisette, is ideal for cheap drinks and great atmosphere. Great food is served in the famous kiosk of Philcat, which is perfect if you are in a rush to get back to your sailing activities. Or why not avail of the set menu available in l’Éponyme, which perfectly infuses French cuisine with Asian twists. If all else fails, there is nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine watching the sun set on board your chartered yacht.

How to Get to Cannes

This city is well connected with extensive transport links, meaning reaching your chartered yacht could not be more convenient. Take your pick of airport between Cannes Mandelieu, Nice Cote d’Azur, or Marseille Provence – between the three airports, there are global links. If you choose to fly to an airport outside of Cannes, there are busy bus and train networks which can transport you to the city. In fact, Cannes is well connected with other French cities and European destinations with the SNCF network. High-speed TGV train from Paris to Cannes takes approximately five hours, with the Trenitalia service connecting this popular sailing hotspot with Italian cities such as Milan and Rome.