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When is the best time to sail?

The year-round sunshine which makes Belize so attractive means there is near-perfect sailing conditions here for most of the year. However, if you want to be sure you will avoid any storms, then November to May is the most attractive time to charter a yacht. Winds tend to prevail from the east, with a substantial Caribbean wind strength of 15 to 20 knots sure to keep any sailor satisfied (although if you prefer a gentler experience, there are coves which are sheltered from the wind). With temperatures ranging in the high 20s, Belize is a wonderful haven for sailing and taking a dive beneath the turquoise waves.

What to do in Belize

Beneath the Surface

Once you have immersed yourself in the tranquil waters surrounding Belize, you will truly understand just why the Barrier Reef was given status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Choose between snorkeling and scuba-diving to see the wonderful and diverse world that lies on the seabed. For those who just want a quick dip, Caye Caulker is your best bet, as it is still an unforgettable diving experience. Those who have a few dives under their belt and want to turn their hand to something a little more intense, the famous Great Blue Hole could be an option – if you are a fan of deep-sea cave diving. Either way, the views from under the surface are equally as impressive as the views of Belize from your chartered yacht.

A Historical Wonderland

It does not matter if you are a history buff or not – the temples of Belize are jaw-dropping and should be top of the list of things to do during your yacht charter holiday. Journey inland from the marinas and uncover the impressive and fascinating Caracol temple in the Chuquibul Forest, or escape the crowds with a visit to Cahal Pech, home to the oldest-known Mayan ruins. Belize clearly has a strong associated with ancient civilisations, and to visit these locations is like opening a window to the past.

Cave Explorations

When you charter a yacht in Belize, exploring caves may not be the first activity which comes to mind when deciding what to do. But this innovative and unique experience is something unlike anywhere else – with your very own rubber dinghy you can delve into the extensive cave system which was once so important to the Mayans. The tours are exceptionally well done, and there is even an opportunity to zip-line through the luscious landscape of Belize in between your cave tours. Who said sailing was the only way to get around?

Belize’s Cayes

Belize’s natural beauty is best witnessed through sailing between the various cayes (pronounced keys). Each caye is home to distinctive, wonderful wildlife and sealife, all visible from the comfort of your yacht or a dip in the serene waters. Here are some of the best cayes to visit:

1. Ambergris Caye

This caye is the largest and most lively of the Belize Cayes. Here, get a true taste of island life thanks to the colourful shoreline and exquisite selection of bars, restaurants and shops. Meet the wonderful people of Belize or travel with other sailors who have docked their yachts in this bustling marina. There is always something to see and do in the village of San Pedro, with a party atmosphere sure to get you dancing when the sun sets.

2. Half Moon Caye

On the other end of the scale is this tranquil haven which forms part of the World Heritage Site in Belize. Swap the crowds of people for colonies of frigate birds and witness their truly remarkable habitat from your yacht. Look out for their young who have distinctive red feet!

3. Laughing Bird Caye

This is the ideal location to dock your yacht if you want to turn your hand to some fantastic water sports. Paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling – they have it all in this utterly stunning corner of Belize. This is the epitome of paradise with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters providing a stunning backdrop against which you can enjoy some of the exhilarating water sports Belize has to offer.

How to get to Belize

The Central American island of Belize is conveniently serviced with a variety of international routes in the US, including Miami, Texas, California and more. These airlines fly into Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport in Belize City. If you are travelling from Europe, American Airlines does provide a service from London Heathrow with one stopover in Miami. Reaching your chartered yacht destination is easy thanks to further air, bus, car, and water transport alternatives. If you want, you can even take a kayak to your mooring!