Sailboat Charter in Mahé

  1. SeaBird (2000)Mahé
    Capacity 80
    Cabins 9 cab
    Berths 12+8
    Engine 2x583hp
    Draught 3.20m
    Size 127ft
    outboardacgpswatermakerbbqgeneratorReinforced Health Measures
    with skipper / crew
    from41 000 €*from 15/08 to 22/08View details
  2. SeaStar (2002)Mahé
    Capacity 70
    Cabins 9 cab
    Berths 12+8
    Engine ---
    Draught 2.40m
    Size 127ft
    outboardacgpswatermakerbbqgeneratorReinforced Health Measures
    with skipper / crew
    from23 800 €*from 15/08 to 22/08View details
  3. Gib Sea 472 - Gib Sea (1993)Mahé
    Capacity 4
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 4
    Engine ---
    Draught 2.00m
    Size 47ft
    from7 380 €*from 24/10 to 30/10View details
  4. GalateaMahé
    Capacity 14
    Cabins 7 cab
    Berths 14
    Engine ---
    Draught ---
    Size 98ft
    from---prices on requestView details
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Things You Need to Know When Sailboat Charter in Mahé

The Basic Information

The French influence remained until 1814, then Seychelles was annexed by the English and remained until independence in 1976 part of the British Empire. Although barely recognizable on most world maps, Mahé has an area of approximately 154 km², is 28 km long, 8 km wide and is home to the smallest capital in the world - Victoria.

Politically, the island is divided into 22 districts, 25 there are in Seychelles in total. When looking at Mahé, you can see the lush granite mountains that form the north-south backbone of the island. To the east and west one can again discover ridges of land, which project like arms into the sea. The waters are clear and shimmer turquoise in the tropical light. From the water, you can easily see that the granite island rises quite steeply out of the sea. In millions of years, the natural water movements formed the powder-soft sandy beaches that nestled in bays, giving this area its particular image.

Nine out of ten Seychellois live on the island, that is about 75,000. Of which about a third is around the capital in the north of the island. Today it is the economic and cultural heart of Seychelles. Mahé is also the place of government and administration, as well as the university, sports stadiums, television and radio stations, handicraft businesses, a commercial and fishing port and larger companies such as the Seybrew brewery and the tuna factory.

What to expect when sailboat charter in Mahé

If you really want to explore Mahé in detail and also go to very remote spots, it is worth doing so with good condition and sturdy shoes. Thanks to the well-developed road network, the inhabited areas are now perfectly accessible - public buses, a taxi or rental car are the means of transport of choice here.

In the center of Mahé, the imposing elevations and the cloud forests with their diverse flora and fauna provide a breathtaking backdrop with numerous beautiful hiking trails. Countless freshwater springs characterize the rich nature and thus the significant appearance of the island. It grows tropical palm trees and other trees as well as mango, papaya, bananas, tea, and much more.

Amazing marine environment to visit when sailboat charter in Mahé

The most famous and longest beach is the Beau Vallon in the northwest of Mahé, here concentrated as well as in the capital of the tourism. One finds along the wide bay of numerous accommodations, restaurants, and shops as well as dive centers. If you are looking for peace and quiet, you should orientate yourself in the direction of the south of the island, where you will find a more contemplative atmosphere.

About 5 km off the northeastern coast of Mahé extends the Marine National Park Sainte Anne, founded in 1973, which consists of six small islands and the surrounding lagoon. The reserve includes the islands of Cerf Island, Ile Cachée, Moyenne Island, Round Island, Long Island and Sainte Anne itself as the largest of the group. The waters are filled with a variety of fish species and other marine life, which find an important refuge here. Collecting fish and collecting shells is strictly forbidden, as well as motorized water. Great snorkeling areas with a great variety of flora and fauna - especially in the Sainte Anne Channel, a channel between Sainte Anne and Moyenne - offer exciting all-round destinations.

Located on the southwest coast, Anse Boileau Beach is a narrow strip of shallow water fringing close to the main coastal road. Fishermen can often be seen unloading their fish traps and small boats along this beach. Leaving Victoria by the Bel Air district, you will ride on one of the most beautiful car rides in Mahé. The Sans Souci Road which is both rich in historical and natural sites.

During your sailboat charter in Mahé, excursions to the dive sites in the north of Mahé are also worthwhile. The dive centers in Beau Vallon regularly offers corresponding tours. In addition to large granite formations and colorful coral reefs with soft and hard corals, a wide variety of creatures waiting to be discovered, such as mantas, rays, turtles, octopuses, sharks, depending on the season and whale sharks, dolphins, snapper schools, coral fish and countless others Reef fish, sponges and invertebrates.

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