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  1. Aventurin 54 (2016)Nosy Be
    Capacity 6
    Cabins 3 cab
    Berths 4+2
    Engine 83hp
    Draught 1.20m
    Size 57ft
    with skipper / crew
    from4 200 €*from 21/05 to 28/05View details
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An island of the Indian Ocean, certainly the most beautiful, Nosy Be is separated from the southeast coast of Africa by the great Mozambique canal. This small paradise, ideal for sailors and tourists looking for an authentic island, allows many activities to be done for sailors wishing to live a unique and authentic sailing holiday in Nosy Be.

Best time to charter a sailboat in Nosy Be

Officially, the hurricane season in Nosy Bay is between mid-December and mid-April. To fully enjoy your stay and sailing holiday in Nosy Be, better to visit there during the dry period. The period between June and September is not recommended due to the high rainfall during this period. Before planning your stay, you can always find out about Nosy Bay weather by visiting the weather website.

About Madagascar and the surroundings of Nosy Be

Because of its port infrastructure, Tamatave of Madagascar deserves the nickname of the island's economic lung. Fianarantsoa and Majunga are both major cities recognized by the cultural richness of the people who live there. As for Majunga, it is the 3rd port of the island. It is also one of the favorite tourist destinations for holidaymakers.
The variety of reliefs and climates, as well as the biogeographical isolation of the island, have allowed it to develop flora and fauna, unique to Madagascar. These fifty or so national parks are the main living showcases containing Madagascar's most beautiful wealth of fauna and flora.

The culture of Nosy Be

The way of life in Nosy Be reflects the modern world and the preservation of the habits and customs that mark the identity of their country. The habits of each of the 18 ethnic groups cannot be overtaken by time while welcoming the fruits of modernization. It is no wonder that visitors expect local customs related to traditional food preparation, dance, music, and many others.
"Malagasy" is the main language of the Malagasy people. But during your sailboat charter in Nosy Be, you can use the French language that almost everyone understands. Its own language is part of the country's cultural wealth that people use on a daily basis. Despite the development of other languages, particularly French and English, throughout the island and the presence of foreigners using their own languages such as Chinese and Pakistani, the mother tongue of Malagasy people is still being used and does not allow itself to be obsolete.
It should be noted that in 2007, with the revision of the constitution, English became one of the official languages of Malagasy. The way of life in Nosy Be cannot thus be separated from the mother tongue of the Malagasy people.

Ideas for activities to do in Nosy Be


There is nothing more pleasant than to practice funboarding to be more in contact with the beautiful sea of Madagascar. In general, it is the places subject to trade winds regimes such as Sakalava Bay that are conducive to this activity.


A few occasional waves are enough to create an atmosphere for lovers of small surfing in Nosy Be. Morondava, Lavanono, some 300 kilometers from Fort-Dauphin and the Bay of Pig or Miramar, still in southern Madagascar, are often the recommended destinations for short surfing. To practice surfing pleasantly, as on the large waves of the Caribbean Sea, you need a lot of strong gales. It should be noted that it is to the southern part of the island that lovers of this sport should turn to practice it in all seasons.
The surroundings of Tulear and the Cape Sainte-Marie region are then to be retained to practice surfing properly. On the island's East Coast, Mahambo and Ambila Lemaintso also promise pleasant surfing experiences with their beautifully balanced waves.


Nosy Be has many incredibly beautiful beaches that invite sea lovers to come and meet it. Even better, by pushing the seaside a little further, diving enthusiasts will not be able to resist the idea of exploring the sparkling turquoise waters bordering Madagascar.

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