Sailboat charter in Madagascar

When is the best time to sail in Madagascar?

Madagascar offers some of the most pleasant sailing conditions in the Indian Ocean, with high season occurring in the winter months between December and March. This time still enjoys radiant sunshine and temperatures hovering around 30°C – perfect for a quick dip from your sailboat in the turquoise waters. When it comes to summer months, winds can be a little strong at 45 knots, so wintertime is preferable for sailing. Although it is impossible to predict rain patterns in Madagascar, it tends to be drier during high season which is perfect for your charter holiday.

Madagascar’s Best Bits

The Three Bays

Few shoreline locations are as exquisite as the crystal-clear waters of the Three Bays in Madagascar. Its tranquility and serenity are unparalleled, with natural beauty sure to take your breath away. This is an ideal spot to sail, with ample photo opportunities here. Why not swap your sailboat for a kayak, take a dip in the Indian Ocean, or discover the beauty of the landscape inland on your own quad bike? Madagascar’s sheer beauty is on full display in this little slice of heaven.

Nosy Be

Fancy somewhere a little busier? Or want to test your bravery with a swim amongst the whale sharks? Nosy Be is the place to be. Home to delightful stretches of sandy beaches populated with pleasant palm trees, this corner of Madagascar is the perfect place to dock your sailboat if you are looking for a party – especially Sunday nights. Snorkeling in this location opens your eyes to the world of marine life that occupy the coastline of Madagascar and is the perfect place to meet new friends and create lasting memories.

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

This unforgettable experience requires a journey inland from your sailboat, but the magnificence of the Madagascar landscape means it cannot be missed out. Millenia of limestone erosion and shaping by the elements has left jagged and dramatic plateaus that look straight out of a Hollywood movie. The only way to access this unique national park in Madagascar is through a series of aerial bridges, meaning this one is not for the faint hearted. But traversing across the landscape of this iconic Madagascar location is worth while as the views are simply jaw-dropping.

Avenue of the Baobabs

If you want to stay closer to your chartered sailboat, Madagascar possesses equally as impressive natural beauty thanks to this promenade of impressive trees. Called the Grandidier’s Baobabs, these hulking trees stand proud on the road and are home to several species of animals. This road is renowned for its unique immense splendor and to see these trees up close and personal is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to be missed.

Island Flavours

Madagascar cuisine is one of the highlights of a sailboat charter holiday. Typically, meals are paired with rice, and feature a glorious burst of flavour from spiced meats, pickled vegetables, and fresh fish. Some of the best food of the island is found in the markets, with mofo being one of the most flavourful staple foods of Malagasy cuisine. Madagascar’s most famous beer is Three Horses Beer, while wine and rum are also popular beverages of the area.

How to get to Madagascar

Air travel to Madagascar is possible with direct flights from several major European destinations such as Paris and Berlin. These flights are major international routes and land in Ivato International Airport, located in Madagascar’s capital city of Antananarivo. There are no direct flights from the UK or Ireland, or the US and Canada. Flights from these locations will contain a stopover in either a European country or in Nairobi, whichever you prefer. To reach your chartered sailboat, there are airport shuffle services, rental car providers, bus services and taxis. There is no rail travel in Madagascar.