358 Motor Boats to Rent in Croatia

Motor boat charter in Croatia

Why Croatia is the way to go for a week motor boat charter

For the best sailing opportunities at a great price, Croatia is brimming with a range of beautiful crewed and bareboat yacht charter destinations. An increase in people wanting to rent boats in Croatia is evident thanks to the marinas and berths which can cater for a range of yachts varying in length and number of cabins. ACI Marina Split, Dubrovnik, and Pula are just some of the most equipped marinas for any needs you may have during the day. View the luxury yachts and motorboat charters which line the coastline after a day of sailing, with crewed yacht charters offering skippers who will show you and your guests the most breathtaking locations of Croatia and give you fascinating details about the country.

Sailing conditions throughout the year in Croatia

It can be difficult for you and your crew to decide when to charter a yacht or motorboat in Croatia as it seems there is always great weather for a sailing holiday. However, crewed motor boat charters tend to occur every week between April and October, when the weather is best, the view is immaculate and you can explore the Old Towns of Split, Dubrovnik and more in the luxury sunshine of Croatia. This weather is perfect to sail your boats to landmarks such as Krka National Park, Koranti National Park, or island hopping throughout the islands of Croatia – wherever your skipper thinks will be most exciting. Opt for your cabins to have fans in your motor boat or yacht charter as they have them included at no extra price – this time of year can be hot!

The best way to approach sailing in Croatia is to analyse the weather before the boats leave the marina, as there is a remote chance of there being a cold wind from the north called the Bura, or a southerly Croatian wind named Jugo interrupting your day of sailing. But don’t worry! You won’t have to spend the week in your cabins in the berths – Croatia typically has sizzling temperatures from the high twenties meaning your motor boat charter holiday should go ahead without a hitch. You can even catch a tan on board the deck of your yacht, or for an extra price, get a stand-up paddle board to explore the tranquil waters around the island. Whether you begin in Hvar, Dubrovnik, Zadar or Split, sailing through the Adriatic Sea and along the way stopping your yachts in several Croatian islands will be an exhilarating experience.

Croatia – Sailing Spots You Cannot Miss During Your Charter Week

1. View the Croatian landscape in Krka National Park

You don’t need a skipper to tell you about the most iconic of destinations just outside of Split. Although you cannot sail your yacht charter here, a short way inland at the start of the day will bring you to this beautiful landscape for which Croatia is renowned. Details of the hikes throughout the national park will lead you to the most stunning views, and even better, there is only a small entry price for you and your crew! Return to your motor boat in the marina in Split in the evening for a refreshing drink with your friends and discuss the beauty of Croatia before retiring to the cabins in your crewed motor yacht for a good night’s sleep. No matter what type of boat you rent with your guests, crewed or bareboat, waking up to a sea view every morning is something to remember.

2. Sail to historic cities like Split and Dubrovnik on your yachts

Croatia is quickly becoming the leading yacht charter and motorboat rental destination, largely thanks to the culturally rich and historically fascinating cities. In Split, spend the day discovering the city’s charm, or sail your motor boat from island to island. Details of sailing distance can be provided by the skipper of your crewed motor yacht, meaning you and your guests can plan your day in accordance with the weather, and the lowest price. By night, Split comes alive as luxury bars and restaurants or bustling taverns welcome locals from Croatia and tourists. Party all night long or return early to your cabins on your boats so you can sail early to Dubrovnik. This postcard-worthy city with vibrant red roofs is a truly magical sailing destination in Croatia, and you could easily spend a week uncovering more details about the city’s layered history during your yacht charter holiday. With ACI Marina in both cities, you will have no trouble with berths.

3. Island hopping on your motorboat

Your motor boat charter has skipper optional, meaning you can have a crewed motor yacht, or a bareboat yacht charter. If you choose the former, they can give details on the amazing range of islands to which guests love to sail on their yachts. Hvar is teeming with luxury, where some amazing yachts are on display in the glorious sunshine of Croatia. Those who charter here will love the ambiance and the vivid social scene which descends on the island at night. Korcula is an island close to the southern side of Croatia, often given the nickname “Little Dubrovnik” thanks to several similar details. Sailing here will enable you to explore St. Marco Cathedral which is over 500 years old. Finally, Kornati National Park is the island collection that will enable you to find the most tranquility during your yacht charter holiday in Croatia. You will love the serenity of sleeping in your cabins in the berths listening to the sounds of nature. The islands here are perfect to explore on yachts of any type, while you and your guests can make the most of the superb Croatian climate.