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In 1957 began the Jeanneau adventure when Henri Jeanneau won his first race with the wooden hull he built. And this marked the start of his newly found trade. In the early 60’s, fibreglass made its debut and enabled Jeanneau to start building yachts in series. But it was not until the 70’s that the shipyard made a proper start in the design and construction of cruising sailboats with the amazing Sangria, and then the Melody in 1976. The Jeanneau boatyards have benefited from the expertise of world-renowned architects to focus on creating increasingly innovative, efficient and safe yachts, thus contributing to the democratisation of pleasure cruising and power boating. As a result, Sun Odyssey, Sun fast, Cap Camarat or Merry Fisher are lines for which Jeanneau is now famous.

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Boats Jeanneau

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