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September 2020
It is very difficult to describe the transformation we went through, during our week with Captain Stephane, our french-english skipper. We arrived with our souls filled with Covid/Corona anxiety frightening the world of tomorrow. We left with new hope, tranquilized for not only the global fright, but also our private everydays challenges - reinforced with the love we, as a married couple, have had since the beginning of our romancing. Our Skipper took us by our hand from the first second and day by day let us into the world of islanding with beautiful mornings, astonishing private lunchspots, amazing harbours with elegant sailorskills, letting us become a reliable crew, which first of all were our hopes for the trip. But most important and surprisingly he showed and tought us, by practice, theory and shared experience - Money has no value on the Sea - survival on the sea is based on comradeship - and anchoring is the most challenging and dangerous part of sailing - and anchoring provokes all the worst in fellow untrained sailors untill Captain Barlow with his superior tranqulity sets the standard of good sailorship - not only in The Ilionan Sea, but also as a way of behavouring in our everyday work & private life in Copenhagen. We have already booked Captain Barlow & Harvester III same week, next year with our grandchildren and family - a project that will continue year after year - this is the way we we have earned to live... Lene & Henrik, both hard working professionals, 45 years of loving, 3 children, 3 grandchildren, Copenhagen, Denmark
May 2021
: Dear Maria - We completed our sailing last Saturday, and all of us had a great experience. I would like to thank you and all your team for the most pleasant and professional treatment of us as your clients. The boat was very well kept, in excellent  condition, the acceptance process by Dimitri was very professional yet friendly, and we felt very comfortable with the Local charter company being our rental company. I would especially praise Dimitri's approach toward us as the Base Manager and as a friendly person. He made himself available to us without any hesitations or delays, catered to all our needs, answered all questions we had in depth, and all in all presented the Local charter company in a highly professional manner. We shall absolutely recommend to all our friends renting a boat from them. Ourselves - living on the Island on Hydra - will absolutely consider renting a boat from your Piraeus office for sailing in the Saronic Islands. Thanks again, and have a great and prosperous season - Anat & Ruvi.
September 2019
August 2019
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