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Lefkada is located in the north of the island of Lefkada, delightful mountainous island of the Ionian Sea, on the west coast of Greece. Its coastline sometimes sweet and protected is contrast with the beaches and chalk cliffs blanche to the west. Lefkada is the unique Greek island which is connected to the continent.

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4.2/5 - 145 reviews
July 2018
The boat sailed very well but had a few problems that when brought to the attention of the staff were brushed off, which was very frustrating. The biggest problem being that the anchor chain slipped to the point of it being impossible to lift without manual intervention - a problem when your crew is inexperienced. One other thing, if you hire this make sure they leave the fridge on when it is in port for cleaning, otherwise it takes almost 2 days to cool down. All of the above being said - the boat was quote affordable to charter so i am very happy overall. Other than that the boat was well equipped and the region is absolutely perfect for cruising. Wind in the afternoons and hot days for swimming.
July 2018
Winderful experience
July 2017
The boat was in good condition, well maintained. The anchor is big and holding well but you should take care when geting it up, because the chain can get out of the nid. You should come back at the home port on Friday afternoon, because the places are not reserved. The charter company is welcoming and ready to help if needed. I recommend.
June 2017
A group of 6 friends from Australia sailed the southern Ionian sea out of Lefkarda. Only one person had any sailing experience but we found the entire area easy to sail. All the ports were specifically designed to accomodate the many yachts that ventured in every afternoon. My advice would be to get in early to the busier ports and stay a couple of nights in a secluded bay. Our yacht was great. It was very clean, everything worked and was a very easy boat to sail. Favourite port was Kioni, favorite beach was Andres Beach. Favorite secluded bay was Port Leone. Thank you to Global Sailor for your organisation.
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