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In the north-west of the Gulf of Fethiye, Göcek offers more than a natural harbor with sumptuous panoramas. Leaned to verdant mountains, the port of Göcek opens on the Dodecanese islands Twelve, as many destinations to discover during your cruise ! Still preserved of tourism for mass, Göcek is one of favorite stops of boaters in cruise on the Turkish coast in yacht or schooner.

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4.5/5 - 50 reviews
July 2019
Very good Marina. The boat was brand new and in perfect conditions. Very good area to navigate around within short distances. Floating supermarkets approach you on a daily bases in the creeks with fresh food.
June 2019
The boat was 7 years old but still in good condition. Sails, rigging, engine, deck, interior -- everything was intact. We had two problems: 1) The battery was nearly dead (held like 2 hours on minimal consumption after full charge) 2) The charting plotter just died at some point (stuck on one of the menu screens). The charter company did their best to help us. They came to Fethiye to meet us in the middle of our voyage and replaced the battery. Cruising around Fethiye Bay is fantastic! There's a lot of smalls coves with restaurants that have their own pier. The nature is beautiful. You can find a couple of ancient tombs cut in rock.
September 2011
There where a few misunderstandings with pick up of the boat. We didn't know that we could pick up it earlier (not at 18.00). Luckily we went to the marina earlier to see where it was and to look into shopping facilities and was informed that they didn't know when we would arrive although I had sent that information to you. When picking up the boat one of the members from the renter crew guided me how the boat works - in German. I don't speak German and he didn't speak English. Therefore I had a very poor guiding of the boat...:) Some of the ropes should have been update, together with some other details (that fell apart). I also missed wineglasses. Otherwise we had a very nice week sailing in a fantastic landscape and perfect weather. This I can recommend to anybody that loves sailing
July 2018
Our first time charter in Turkey started off in the best possible way with a smooth transfer from Dalaman airport to the Göcek marina base. The warm welcome by cheerful base manager Tolga and his team was the best ever with a brand new boat, our nationality flags up in the mast and a swift, professional and casual handover and briefing. The base and amenities are modern and luxurious . Our week was great, with fabulous sailing, great visiting and a big success. Of course this was for a majority part thanks to a perfectly prepared boat and Tolga, Mustafa and their pro staff! Highly recommended, if you want to charter in Turkey, look no further, go to GlobeSailor, you won’t regret!
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