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4.5/5 - 17 reviews
August 2014
A lovely modern yacht very well fitted, Ivan at the marina is particularly friendly and helpful. We did not have much wind so cannot really comment on how she sails but certainly very comfortable for the two of us but 4 would not be a problem. If you want a non bulky lightweight life jacket then best check what is available or take your own. Not a problem for us as it was like a millpond. An interesting sailing area much quieter than further south, we went the Trieste/Slovenia route mooring is all Marina (you need to budget 50-70 Euro per night) Koper is well worth a visit.
July 2011
Taking over a boat from this renter is a complete surprise. Comparred to other charter operators you'll get personal treatment and a boat 2-0. Strong recommendations!
July 2017
April 2017
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