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A small island state in the Lesser Antilles, Saint Lucia is bathed by the Caribbean Sea. It is located between Martinique and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, thusly being part of the Windward Islands. Saint Lucia offers sailors access to many must visit sailing destinations such as Rodney Bay.
Visual navigation is important during a cruise around Saint Lucia. Why? The waters of Saint Lucia hide coral shoals, which require sailors to be a bit more cautious while sailing here. From November to May the trade winds blow constantly from the northeast to the southeast.
The island of St. Lucia does not offer too many marinas but it does not prevent sailors from calling at this destination to enjoy its unique spirit.
Marina Rodney Bay is an ideal port of call for your cruise around St. Lucia and the Caribbean.

Suggested itinerary for your cruise in St. Lucia

From: St. Lucia - Rodney Bay
To: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

To get to know the island of St. Lucia better, you can cruise along its western coast from Rodney Bay to Marigot Bay. Call at Castries- the capital of the island, if you want to mingle with the hospitable and laid-back inhabitants of St. Lucia. Sailing towards the Southern tip of St. Lucia, you must call at the Soufriere Bay to get to places such as Sulphur Springs and Coubarile Estate.
Then you can sail towards St. Vincent and drop your anchor at Bequia. St. Vincent and the Grenadines offer a brilliant marine park called Tobago Cays. Another great stopover destination is Mustique Island with its lighthouse. Finally you can visit Wallilabou Bay in St. Vincent - the location of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films.