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Three reasons to charter a yacht in Portorosa

1. Something for everyone

Thanks to the rich cultural, historical and natural fabric of Portorosa and Sicily, there really is something for everybody. For those fascinated by religion, archaeology and tradition, there are plenty of important historical sites to visit, including: Palermo Cathedral, the Massimo Theatre, the Taormina Greek Theatre and the Selinunte Temples. Even if you don’t identity as a culture vulture, who can fail to be impressed by the Temples at Agrigento or the Norman basicilica at Montreale? For the more active and adventurous among you, use your yacht charter to explore the multiplicity of hidden lakes, coves and bays which are only accessible by sea; or if you would prefer to get active on dry land, the diverse mountainous, volcanic and green landscape is perfect for long hikes and walks.

2. Spectacular scenery

From volcanic landscapes to black sand beaches, mountainous cliffs to plush greenery, and of course, classic white sand beaches and clear blue seas… what can a yacht charter in Portorosa not give us? With astounding views like you’ve never seen before, the dense and diverse wildlife is captivating and enchanting. When you charter a yacht here, you are not merely ‘sight-seeing’, but truly living, breathing and experiencing a beautiful reality.

3. Dreamy sailing conditions

You can’t get much better than Italy for superb sailing conditions – sunshine is practically guaranteed! Yet despite rocketing temperatures, averaging between 27 – 30 degrees in summer, the gentle sea breeze will help to cool you off during your yacht charter. Winds around the Aeolian islands are generally north-westerly, averaging at 8 to 12 knots or 8-14 mph and the constant light sea breezes around the region mean that it is easy to navigate and sail your rented boat. Make sure you keep up to date with the weather forecast throughout your trip to ensure a safe sailing experience; you can listen to weather forecasts in both Italian and English on VHF coastal stations.

Volcanic beauty – an afternoon at Mount Etna

The highest and second most active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna will not disappoint. Whether you are interested in the science of the volcano or simply allured by the impressive flows of hot, fiery lava and the grandeur of the landscape, Mount Etna World Heritage Site will satisfy even the most curious among you. The volcano has 500,000 years of activity and history and continues to influence and provide remarkable insight into spheres of geography, physics and earth science, even today.
Located on the east side of Sicily, Mount Etna is an easy stop-off on your yacht charter in Portorosa and it is worth it! With so much beautiful creation at which to marvel, trekking along such enormous natural landscapes can easily take a day. Hike along the nature trails of Etna Park; the range of diverse routes means you will get to see a range of landscapes and natural wildlife, as well as appreciate a multiplicity of breath-taking views at various points along the way. There are many guided tours available if you would like to be educated as you hike, many of which give you the chance to visit the law flow caves. Don’t worry if you are a beginner because the nature trails all vary in terms of difficulty. Choose a route which suits your needs in terms of gradient and length.
If you’d prefer to admire the natural beauty from afar, from your own luxury yacht charter, the volcano is especially striking at night. Watch as colourful flows of lava project into the starry sky, a magnificent sight to behold.

How to get to your yacht charter ?

From Catania airport, you can get a shuttle bus which costs around $300 or a taxi which costs around $400. A mere 2 hours from Catania Airport and 2.5 hours from Palermo airport, and with direct transfers from the main airports to the harbour, travelling to your yacht charter in Portorosa is certainly no hardship. The local language is Italian, the local currency is the Euro and there is also a time difference between UK and Italy of +1hr GMT.