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Sailing in Poros

Many people choose to charter a yacht in Poros due to its convenience in exploring the Saronic Gulf. A beautiful region in the world, this is a popular sailing destination due to the tranquil waters and unbeatable sunshine. The port is well equipped with anything you may need, including showers, laundry services, Wi-Fi, and more. In terms of wind directions, the most prevalent winds blow from the north, before switching to a westerly wind on approach of the strait. Summer sees scorching temperatures which draws the largest of crowds, particularly July and August, however Poros is an ideal sailing destination from any time between March and October. Be wary of the Meltemi winds in June. Currents and tides are never usually an issue for boats as they are not too strong.

Must-Sees in Poros

1. Poros Clock Tower

If you want the best sweeping vistas of Poros, then the clock tower is an essential stopping point during your sailing holiday. The white-washed structure looms over the red-roofed buildings around it to give panoramic views of the town, the sea, and the yachts mooring close by. Just under a century old, the recommended time to visit the tower is during the morning or evening to avail of the beautiful sunrise and sunsets over the town of Poros – a truly breathtaking experience that will stay with you long after your charter holiday is complete.

2. Museums and Art Galleries

Any art enthusiasts will revel in the chance to see the best works of local artists and others from all over Greece in Citronne. Fabulously presented in a state-of-the-art gallery, the exhibitions change to display the changing world of Greek art. Those who charter a yacht in Poros should definitely visit this exquisite gallery to see some vibrant and beautiful pieces. Equally as intriguing is the Archaeological Museum of Poros which houses some incredible artefacts and exhibitions outlining the rich and layered history of the town, and Greece itself.

3. Sail to Spetses

Continuing your sailing journey, and just a short distance to travel on your chartered yacht, Spetses is an incredibly beautiful island which encompasses a more modern version of Poros. Here, there are ample museums and historical landmarks to explore and gain more insight into the history of the island. Beaches both busy and secluded offer the great tanning experience you come to expect from Greece, with perfect waters for swimming and snorkeling. The golden coastline offers exquisite views as you sail to the island from Poros, with even more stunning views of the luscious green vegetation - home to some incredible wildlife and flora.

4. A Trip to Athens

If you want to sail somewhere that is a hive of activity, then look no further than the iconic city of Athens. Poros’ proximity to Athens means you can easily sail to the city for a day trip, or longer. The popularity of this island for yacht charters is accentuated by the ease at which you can sail to Athens. Enjoy the major landmarks of the Ancient Greeks, become immersed in the Greek culture and lifestyle, and sample some of the country’s most exquisite dining establishments before retuning to Poros for a more subdued evening.

Eating in Poros

Fresh produce and signature Greek flare is on full display in the range of taverns and restaurants on the island of Poros. Apagio Taverna is a fantastic outdoor dining establishment that specializes in seafood and pasta – no surprise given the location on the small Greek island. If you are looking to have a nice drink after a day of sailing on your chartered yacht, then Oasis may be a good option, home to a large terrace where you can mingle with locals and tourists alike. Most food establishments in Poros focus on Greek and Mediterranean food – with some of the best delicacies in the whole of Greece.

How to get to Poros

Getting to your chartered yacht destination is relatively convenient thanks to Poros’ proximity to Athens. The airport in Athens caters for most international destinations in Europe, and some in the US. There are train links connecting Athens with other European destinations which means you can also avail of this mode of transport. Getting from Athens to Poros usually requires a short sail on a boat or ferry, but the duration is roughly an hour meaning you will reach the island in no time at all.