1. Sauvage 60 Sloop (1995)Nome
    Capacity 8
    Cabins 4 cab
    Berths 6+2
    Engine 1x70hp
    Draught ---
    Size 60ft
    with skipper / crew
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Why Choose Nome?

1. Cinematic Landscape

The natural landscape of Nome and surrounding areas in Alaska is nothing short of breath-taking. Chartering a yacht here is almost an exclusive event – uninterrupted views of majestic mountains, towering trees and a blanket of white snow, this truly is a remarkable experience. Spot the splashes of colour protruding between the grey as flowers bloom in the spring and summer. If you are lucky, you may even see the abundance of wildlife which call Nome home – bears, foxes, wolves and beavers roam the countryside and are certainly a sight to behold. Of course, it might be too cold to sail in winter, but the opportunity to witness the Aurora Borealis is too enticing to ignore. Witnessing this natural phenomenon from your own yacht – simply incredible. They usually occur between November and March. The serenity of this location certainly puts the world into perspective and will leave a lasting impact on you for years to come.

2. Gold Rush

You may wonder how such a remote location can become a quaint city off the coast of the Bering Sea. Discover the history of this fascinating location which grew thanks to the discovery of gold in 1898. A population boom occurred once the treasure was discovered, which has now drastically decreased again. Once you charter a yacht in Nome, you will become amazed at the importance of gold to the region, as echoes of a once-great mining town have lingered. Now, as demand for gold decrease, the tourism industry is becoming more important. Tour the city and take note of the gold dredges, see the world’s largest gold pan (a whopping 20ft in diameter) and even have a go at gold panning!

3. History on Record

The residents of Nome are always eager to display the history of the area and are proud to call Nome home. Two visitor centres offer educational and entertaining experiences for those who choose to charter a yacht here. Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum offers a glimpse into the past through an impressive collection of artifacts found in the region. Do not miss the opportunity to see an Eskimo Village, a real chance of becoming immersed in a different culture and lifestyle. In order to reach these villages, you must take a small flight to a nearby Eskimo village. Here you can discover the rich and layered history of Eskimo civilization.

Refreshing Swims!

You may think that it is far too cold to dive in from your yacht, but in reality, summertime can see mild (or arguably warm) weather in comparison to the harsh winter conditions. The Bering Sea becomes popular amongst locals for swimming, kayaking and other water sports. Take a splash in Nome and experience the rush of the Bering Sea!

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

Chartering a yacht in Nome presents the opportunity of seeing the once great connection between North America and Asia. This stunning landscape is a window to the Earth’s past and it is also a prime location for bird watching. Here, the world becomes a little smaller as you understand how, at one point in time, everything was once connected. A visitor centre here also provides interesting and fascinating facts about the geography of the land bridge, and why it is no longer here today.

Flavoursome Food

This small city goes for big flavours thanks to a range of delicious cuisines available here. Sample the Alaskan twist on Asian dishes, or enjoy the exquisite meals created using fresh and local produce. Fans of Italian food are also sure to be content with the selection of Italian restaurants in Nome. Even more convenient is the fact that some of these are within a short walking distance of your yacht in the Port of Nome!

How to get to Nome

Nome is one of the most remote locations to reach in the United States. In order to reach this unforgettable city, you must choose between air or sea travel as it is unfortunately inaccessible via road transport links. Alaska Airlines serves theree flights daily from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (a substantial international airport in Alaska). Nome Airport is roughly 1.4 miles from Nome itself. There is a taxi service in place for transport between arrival and your chartered yacht or desired location. For something truly unforgettable, there are even opportunities to use the snowmobile and dogsled trails that lead to the city – now that is a way to get around.

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