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The ideal period for a cruise in New Caledonia is from September to November, it's very pleasant. The hurricane season begins from December to march, and the fresh season from June to August.

It is always important to watch the daily weather reports when you navigate in New Caledonia. You should take count of the training of "patatoes" when your do a cruise in New Caledonia. These clusters of corals date back to the surface of the water and may damage your hull, saffron and keel.

The principal saling or motor boat rental bases are located in Nouméa, capital of the New Caledonia, the privileged starting point for your cruise in New Caledonia. The boat renters provide different types of rental to recreational boaters. The sailing boats rental, the motor boat rental as well as the catamarans rental are very widespread in New Caledonia.

However, the hiring of catamaran is the most common for a cruise in New Caledonia and the most recommended, because with low drafts, it will offer the possibility to anchor in the hardly accessible lagoons. Do not hesitate to take the services of a skipper for catamaran for your cruise in New Caledonia. You can ask directly your boat renter.

With its lagoon of 1600km long, the island of "the eternal spring" provides a countless fabulous anchorages. The island of Pines and the Loyalty Islands composed of Maré, Lifou, Tiga and Ouvéa are located in the south-east of the island. The Belep archipelago is located in the north-west of the island. On your cruise in New Caledonia, Yate, the atoll of Ouvea, the Bay of turtles, the boxes Kanak, the islet Master, are destinations in New Caledonia that you shouldn't miss.

To dinner in the evening, do not hesitate to put a fishing rod during navigation between the islands. Many fishes (thazars, sea bream dolphinfish, tuna…) are likely to take their bait and offer you a bbg! You should consider victualling complete at the beginning of your cruise since Nouméa and miss for nothing if you have chosen the tranquillity of wild islands and anchorages fairground in New Caledonia.