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Planning the perfect yacht charter

Regarding yacht charters in the Caribbean, there are a few things to consider. The first is the type of yacht you would like to charter. Many types of yachts are available, including monohull, catamaran, and motorboat options. Monohulls are the traditional type of sailboat and are known for their speed and traditional sailing experience. The catamaran is becoming increasingly sought for charters after in the Caribbean due to its spaciousness and stability. Some guests prefer catamaran rentals as there is more room for relaxing as well as bigger cabins. The size of the cabin will vary depending on the boat you choose. Motorboat yachts are an ideal type of yacht to rent for those who want to explore the Caribbean in style and luxury.

The Caribbean has a wide variety of ports, allowing you to choose from many great marinas close to popular Martinique sailing destinations. Globesailor has incredible fleets of sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and luxury yachts to offer you for rental. Our boats range in length, size, the year it was built, and the number of cabins and berths to accommodate your preferences. Choose the yacht of your dreams, which fits your and your guests' needs and spend a week or two cruising around famous locations in the Martinique area, like Fort-de-France, Le Marin, or Saint-Pierre.

You can also choose between renting a bareboat yacht charter and hiring a skipper and crew. Choosing our crewed option for a yacht charter can be great if you don't have much sailing knowledge but still want the independence of chartering a yacht. Your skipper is like the ship's captain; they take care of the navigation, and the hostess/cook ensures that your week's vacation is at the luxury level. Your hired crew will have their own private cabins, meaning there's plenty of space on your boat for everyone! If you're comfortable at the helm, a bareboat charter in Martinique might suit you better!

Once you decide whether to sail your yacht bareboat or with a crew, the next thing to consider is the size of the yacht. Yachts come in various sizes, from small day sailors to large luxury yachts. The yacht size will depend on the number of guests in your group and the type of sailing experience you are looking for.

When planning a yacht rental holiday, you also need to decide on the length of your charter. Globesailor charters can range from a week to several weeks. A week-long charter is great for those who want to explore the Caribbean in-depth and experience the many different islands and cultures. Keep reading for an example itinerary of a week yacht charter in Martinique.

Once you have decided on the type of yacht, the size, the length of the charter, and the cost, it's time to start planning your itinerary. Cruising in Martinique offers many beautiful sights to see, full of history and culture. If guests wish to sail further out of the Martinique area, there are some equally fantastic spots in the greater Caribbean area. The Caribbean is home to many world-renowned sailing destinations, so it is important to research the different islands and anchorages. Some beloved locations include the British Virgin Islands, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and the Leeward Islands. Each of these regions offers something unique and special, so finding a destination that suits your interests and preferences is easy!

When planning your itinerary, it is important to consider the time of year. The Caribbean has two main seasons: the high season and the low season. The high season is from December to April and is the most popular time to visit due to the warm weather, sun and calm water. The low season is from June to November and is less popular due to the threat of hurricanes.

Best Marinas in Martinique

  • Le Marin - This is the largest marina in Martinique, located in the town of Le Marin. It has over 800 berths and offers various services, including fuel, water, electricity, and Wi-Fi. There are also many shops, restaurants, and other amenities nearby.
  • Port de Plaisance de la Pointe du Bout - This marina is located in the town of Les Trois-Îlets and offers 153 berths for boats up to 60 feet in length.
  • Marina du Robert - Located on the eastern coast of Martinique, this marina offers 115 berths for boats up to 60 feet in length.
  • Port de Plaisance de Fort-de-France - This marina is located in the capital city of Martinique and offers 150 berths for boats up to 200 feet in length.
  • Marina de la Pointe du Bout - This marina is located in the town of Les Trois-Îlets and offers 120 berths for boats up to 80 feet in length.

All of these marinas are well equipped with a range of services, including fuel, water, electricity, and Wi-Fi, as well as shops, restaurants.

Caribbean Cuisine

The flavours of the Caribbean islands are diverse and never lacking in flavour! Moor your boat at the Cienfuegos marina and sip on the best ‘Cuba Libre’ cocktail (the original rum and coke) of your life, or sample the traditional Cuban ‘Maduras’ (fried, sweet, island-grown plantain). Or venture to the Bahamas, a haven for seafood lovers, where you can taste the locally caught conch prepared in various succulent dishes. Why not read some reviews from the local restaurants and bring the boat guests to the perfect spot for dinner? The cuisine of the Caribbean archipelago encompasses distinct and exciting flavours with different traditions (like West African and French) from island to island, so make the most of your yacht charter and sail between these sublime hubs full of culture! We implore you to try some of the best traditional cuisines and leave some reviews of your own!

Sailing Conditions and Climate in the Caribbean

The sailing conditions in the Caribbean can vary depending on the season and location, but here are some general characteristics:

Trade winds: The Caribbean is known for its easterly trade winds, which blow from the east to the west. These winds are reliable and consistent, making for excellent sailing conditions. They tend to be strongest from December to May (high season), and weaker from June to November (low season).

Waves and swells: The Caribbean Sea is generally calm, but there can be waves and swells depending on the weather conditions. The islands' windward (eastern) side tend to have rougher water, while the leeward (western) side is usually more protected.

Tides and currents: Tides and currents in the Caribbean are generally mild, but can be stronger in certain areas. The trade winds are at their strongest from July to October.

Weather: The Caribbean has a tropical climate, with warm temperatures and sun year-round.

The high season from December to April is considered the best time to visit. The weather is generally dry with consistent sun during the high season, with warm temperatures and low humidity.

The summer months from July to October are the low season in the Caribbean and tend to be the hottest and most humid, with a higher chance of rainfall and the possibility of hurricanes.

Choosing the perfect boat to rent

Regarding yacht rental, the options can seem overwhelming! At GlobeSailor, we have boats of all shapes and sizes for you to rent. Our yachts range in length, cabins, berths, boat model, when they were built, add-ons such as a dinghy or water sports equipment, and of course, price.

Your choice of cabins will vary depending on the sailboat or catamaran you choose. Usually, cabins will be single or doubles, meaning they can accommodate one or two people. There are also double cabins for individual use available on some boats, which is a cabin option for one guest who wishes to have more space aboard the yacht.

We offer guests a choice between a sailboat, catamaran, power boat, luxury yacht, gulet or even houseboat! The choices are endless!

Most guests choose either a sailboat or a catamaran to rent. Both boats have unique characteristics to satisfy the varying needs of clients.

A monohull or a sailboat is a traditional boat with one hull (mono!). It is focused on performance and offers sailors the traditional sailing experience. Many sailors like the traditional feel of a monohull. A monohull might be best for you if you fancy yourself a true captain of the seas! GlobeSailor has many boat rentals for our guests to choose from, including popular models like Oceanis or DuFour Grand Large.

Catamarans have more than one hull. The multihull of a catamaran offers its guests more stability as it the boat is equipped to rock less against the ocean waves. A catamaran is also more spacious than a monohull. Catamarans usually range from 30 feet to 60 feet, with the average length being around 45 feet. Catamarans have less heeling (tilting) than monohulls, providing passengers a more comfortable and stable ride. Catamarans also have a shallower draft, which means they can sail in waters with a low tide and get closer to shore. The GlobeSailor catamaran fleet is massive, offering guests options for whatever charters they have in mind. Popular models such as the Lagoon 46 and the Bali 4.5 model can be found on our website.

Sailing Bareboat or With a Crew

Sailing bareboat or with a skipper and crew is a personal preference and depends on several factors, such as experience, comfort level, and budget. Suppose you are an experienced sailor with a good understanding of navigation. In that case, yacht charters without a skipper (also called bareboat) can be a rewarding adventure, providing more freedom and flexibility to explore the destination at your own pace. However, if you are a beginner or prefer a more relaxed sailing holiday, sailing with a skipper is the best option. A skipper is like the captain of the boat, and they can provide guidance, share their local knowledge, and ensure the safety of the crew and the yacht.

There is also an option to have a hostess or a cook on board GlobeSailor yachts. A hostess is responsible for making two of the daily meals (usually breakfast and lunch) and will take care of the boat's upkeep (tidying up common areas etc.). A cook is responsible for making all three meals on board the boat. Both crewed options allow clients to eat Caribbean and French-inspired dishes aboard a beautiful sailboat. Some guests prefer to choose the hostess option as it allows them to sail to a different marina each night and find the best authentic Caribbean restaurants on land. Sailing with a full crew offers guests an extra element of luxury as all the details are taken care of for you by the wonderful crew.

Please note the price of your charter will vary depending on whether you choose a bareboat or a crewed option. Each crew member option is a different price and might change depending on your specific yacht type. To enquire about the price of each option, please contact one of our booking advisors who can provide you with more details on each of the rentals.

An exemplary itinerary of a yacht charter in Martinique

What is particularly noteworthy about Martinique is the diversity and flexibility it offers as a destination. We don’t merely mean in terms of the variety of wildlife and of activities, although that is important, but also the variety of things to do which will accommodate a sweep of budgets. You can tailor your sailing holiday to your bucket list, your desired holiday price, your mood and rhythm. For instance, you can spend a week in Martinique, soaking up culture and history, or jet off to various neighbouring islands, broaden your horizons,nd discover more of the Caribbean.
To give you a flavour of what a yacht charter in Martinique looks like, we have composed an exemplary itinerary for 5 days. There is so much to do on the island and beyond that we have barely scraped the surface with our 5-day guide but use this as inspiration for planning your boat rental.

Day 1

Begin by exploring Port du Marin, located in the Martinique town of Le Marin. This marina serves holidaymakers today like it served the sailors and marine men many a year before. There are 830 berths provided, 100 buoys and a team onsite 7 days a week to answer any questions you have about settling in. The Port du Marin marina also has many restaurants, a laundrette, a medical centre, fuel services and is only a stone’s throw away from a selection of the island’s finest beaches.

Day 2

Then head in your yacht charter towards Sainte-Lucie, an island just below Martinique. Rodney Bay, located at the northern tip of the island, is only 31 nautical miles away. Hop off here and check out Pigeon Island National Park, a natural island reserve which became a national landmark in 1992. After exploring the ruins, beaches and viewpoints, head south and drop anchor along the north side of Port Castries, the capital of Saint-Lucie and one of the most important ports in the Antilles. The town is full of markets, boutiques and artisan shops; after soaking up the lively atmosphere, continue to sail along the coastline until you reach Marigot Bay, which offers beautiful panoramic views. Finish off at Port Vieux-Fort; it may be located at the most southern tip of the island but is still only 30km away from Port Castries, which means it is the perfect place to round off your day trip.

Day 3

From Saint-Lucie, navigate towards Chateaubelair St Vincent, only 31 nautical miles away, and enter the bay from the north of the island. The village is less urban and more rural; top attractions include the Dark View Falls, Layou Petroglyphs and Wallilabou Heritage Park and Falls. A day here will provide a refreshing contrast in the middle of your week.

Day 4

9 miles south of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, you will find Bequia Island which is a ‘must-see’ during your yacht charter in Martinique. Port Elizabeth is the capital of this island, snuggled into Admiralty Bay, a striking and scenic protected harbour surrounded by majestic hills and dramatic coastlines. Just along from Port Elizabeth lies Princess Margaret Beach, an unspoilt stretch of golden grains of sand. The island is also brimming with charming restaurants which serve fresh and authentic French and Caribbean delights. Bequia Island is smaller than other Caribbean islands and its size lends itself to an intimate and friendly atmosphere where tourists can truly embrace and engage in local life.

Day 5

Head back towards St Vincent but this time make a stop at Cumberland bay, a stunning harbour lined with palm trees. Explore the parts of the island that you neglected on your earlier visit and make sure to visit the restaurants and cafes that you may have missed first time around!

24 hours in Martinique

The island is divided into 4 major regions. Each quarter is strikingly different which means that your stay in Martinique will be varied and exciting.
Head to the north-western zone of the island, Saint-Pierre and the astounding Pelée Mountain. The majestic and mountainous landscape in the north of the island is so striking and it really must be seen and experienced first-hand. Begin your yacht charter in Martinique with a hike up Pelée, the spectacular summit is 1397 metres tall. Take up the exciting opportunity to bathe in spectacular surrounding waterfalls and to visit the infamous black sand beaches nearby.

This region is also home to Saint-Pierre, the oldest town in Martinique which is also known as, ‘the pearl of the Antilles’. The town is the economic and cultural heart-beat of the French Caribbean, in some ways. Make sure to visit the ruins and learn more about the 1902 disaster.

The north-east area of the island, La Trinité, and its southern-eastern neighbour, Le Marin, are perfect zones for practising water sports. Whether it be surfing, swimming, diving or simply resting on the white sand surfaces, make the most of the beautiful watery and calm surroundings during the afternoon. Notably, in La Trinité you will also find one of the most famous lagoons  "Anse l'Étang" lagoon, which is located near the village of Tartane. The Anse l'Étang lagoon is a large and shallow body of water that is surrounded by mangroves and is home to a variety of marine life, including fish, crabs, and birds. The lagoon is ideal for kayaking, fishing, and bird watching, and it is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.
The smallest and perhaps most urban area of the island, Fort-de-France, will bring your day to a blissful close. The town is full of traditional Creolean markets where you can buy local produce and souvenirs and restaurants where you can also sample classic Creolean cuisine. Watch the sunset from the famous Fort-de-France Bay.

Useful information

The local currency is the Euro and the languages spoken are French and Creole. Although the sun shines on the island all year around, we would recommend a yacht charter in Martinique during the months of December to April when it is less humid. The main international airport on the island is Aéroport International Martinique Aimé Césaire, Fort-de-France and it is easy to find a direct flight here from most major cities.