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Things to Know When Yacht Charter in Marigot

Situated on the west coast of the island, Marigot extends along the Bay of Marigot and is surrounded by the lagoon of Simpson Bay. Bordered by the Caribbean Sea, this colonial town is overlooked by a fort - Fort St Louis, it was built in 1776 to protect the island from British attacks.

What to see in Marigot?

Marigot is a cosmopolitan and pleasant town where trendy restaurants mix with typical shops. Making the most of its free-port status, Marigot has become a duty-free shopping paradise. The warm atmosphere, explosion of colors and scents and lively spirit reigning there make it a must-see place when stopping over on the island of Saint Martin. Outside the city, the lagoon is bordered by heavenly beaches. Like all islands boasting dream beaches and bordered by palm trees, it is a perfect spot for lazing about and sunbathing.
The harbor of Marigot is very close to the airport, and the journey only lasts about 15 minutes. You will find a taxi upon arrival without difficulty. Extremely easy to access, Marina Fort Louis is located on the seafront of Marigot, at the heart of all the shops and restaurants. You will find all the necessary amenities and facilities to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful stop.

Stop at Marina Port-La-Royale during your yacht charter in Marigot

You will also be able to make a stopover at Marina Port-La-Royale, which is equally accessible and very sheltered, in the lagoon of Simpson Bay. You can enter this marina via the Sandy Ground bridge or the Simpson Bay Bridge. Marigot is an ideal starting point to discover the Greater Antilles Archipelago or to make a stopover at the heart of the Caribbean during your cruise.

Conditions of navigation in St Martin

St Martin offers the possibility to its boaters to sail around the island and the Antilles all the year. During the tourist season from December to April, the island of St Martin is in full swing. It is advisable to limit cruises to St Martin during the hurricane season (August - September) and to keep informed via daily weather reports.
The trade winds blowing from East to West are established from November to July, rarely exceeding 30 knots. The leeward sailing of the island of St Martin is enjoyable because it's protected from the swell and the wind, offers perfect water for boaters. The navigation in the canals is a little sportier! Watch out for the grains (cloud masses bringing a powerful flow of wind and digging the sea) which can make your navigation around St Martin somewhat agitated. As the island is very north, some North Atlantic depressions can descend to its latitude and then cause the appearance of a north-northeast swell and harmless small tidal waves on the east coast. The island has low elevations, the effects of Foehn are negligible. However, the north-south orientation of the ridgelines, perpendicular to the trade winds, strengthen the phenomena of orographic rainfall.

Practical information

The bases for a yacht charter in Marigot are well developed in this zone and comfortable. The most common type of rental is a yacht. A yacht will bring you comfort and pleasure and will allow you to anchor really close to St Martin's beaches. Motorboats and catamarans can also be found in St Martin. Key sites such as Orient Bay, Tintamarre, Anse Marcel, the Simpson Bay lagoon and the small town of Marigot are really worth a visit during your Caribbean cruise.
After your landing at Princess Juliana Airport and a quarter of an hour drive, you will arrive at Marigot, where is the largest marina of the French part: marina Fort-Louis. They charge about 40 € per night for a monohull of 12m. Throughout the island, euros and dollars are accepted. English and French are spoken. If you want to get around the city, there are many minibuses available on land, and they cost about 1,50 €.
There are many ports and marinas for you to moor when yacht chartering in Marigot on the island of Saint-Martin, the yachting industry is well developed, and anchorages are numerous. For supply, it is much more advantageous to shop on the Dutch side, where products have a more reasonable price. As in general, life is less expensive on the Dutch side. We advise you to go to Saint-Martin at the beginning of March when the famous Heineken Regatta will take place on the island every year for 34 years.