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3 convincing reasons to charter your yacht in Japan

1. Enchanting nature

Japan has thousands of charming gardens to explore, filled with rocks, plants, lakes and fields. There is a wealth of natural parks which remain unmarked by tourism and they are amazing sites to visit. The north of Japan is filled with particularly sumptuous countryside, lush forests and snowy mountains. The beauty of this incredible destination will stay with you for the rest of your yacht charter in Japan.

2. Varied countryside and landscape

Japan is a country that extends for more than 2,200 kilometres and this stretch of land is filled with a variety of landscapes and beauty. This landscape contrasts from cold and wintery countryside in Hokkaido to the extreme heat of the Okinawa islands. There are bays illuminated by immense buildings, zen gardens, Japanese gardens, enchanting forests, rice fields, bamboo forests, lakes, mountains and turquoise seas.

3. Numerous spaces to relax

Weekends in Japan take on a slower pace of life where the locals spend time with family and friends and fully switch off. Let this rhythm of life inspire your yacht charter in Japan. There are numerous hot baths and spa treatments which you can avail of. However, if relaxing to you simply means a gentle wander around the grandeur of ancient architecture, Japan has you covered! There is a wealth of beautiful castles where you can relax in and enjoy the amazing surroundings; some of the most renowned include: Himeji, Nagoya, Kumamoto, Inuyama and Matsumoto.

What to do in Tokyo during your yacht charter in Japan

Tokyo is a town which allies the ultra-modern with the ancient. It’s a city where you can admire the second tallest building in the world as well as explore ancient and precious temples in the same day. You can have a breakfast served by robots and a dinner served in a traditional setting. However, a city with 36 million residents means that there is a distinctly urban feel to this destination and can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to spend your time. Luckily, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of some of the best sites and places to visit during your yacht charter in Japan.

Visit the Tokyo Tower

The Japanese version of the Eiffel Tower was built in 1961 and is one of the tallest towers of steel in the world. It is 333 metres tall. It is also a radio and TV tower; a visit here will give you an extraordinary panoramic view over the city of Tokyo.

Absorb the technological innovations

Tokyo is the capital of technology and this is only one of the reasons that it will make you marvel. However, the Asakusa quarter has nonetheless remained very authentic. It is in this area that you will find the biggest and most ancient Buddhist temple, Senso-ji. Despite the shops in the surrounding area, this remains a sacred site with a calm atmosphere. In this part of town, you can eat traditional Japanese sushi in a hyper-modern setting. The concept of kaiten-zushi (restaurants where sushi is placed on a revolving belt and you can pick the dishes right in front of you) has existed in Japan since 1958. You can order dishes from a touch screen in some restaurants and several minutes later, a robot will appear from the kitchen and bring you your dish. There are incredible restaurants like this all over the town which will give you a surreal experience during your yacht charter in Japan.

Embrace the hustle and bustle

Odaiba quarter is fun and different with quirky architecture and beautiful restaurants. There are several futurist structures like the Fuji TV building and the Tokyo Big Sight – there is even a statue of liberty. The view over the Tokyo Bay and the skyline is superb. During the night, the Rainbow Bridge illuminates in brilliant colours. You can also discover Akihabara, a place renowned for its numerous electronic shops, arcades and toy shops. You can easily spend an afternoon or a morning admiring the boutiques and the bizarre things you may find within. Many of the shops extend to 5 or 6 floors.

Explore both history and nature

Want to know more about Tokyo? Head over to the Edo-Tokyo Museum which was inspired by kura-zukuri style. The museum traces the history of the town throughout the centuries and details important historical events. The exhibitions are very detailed and interested. Wander off the beaten track to discover some of the most magnificent nature sites near Tokyo. Situated in the north of Tokyo lies Nikko, home to the Tosho-Gu sanctuary which is one of the most beautiful in Japan.