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1. The spectacular Saint Martin

Saint-Martin is one of the districts in Brest and the historical centre of the city. This area has been nicknamed the ‘Latin Quarter’ of the city because of its large student population. The area is quirky and artistic and there is an art centre which is open throughout the year and which launches an annual art market in Spring. The district is also home to Saint-Martin Church which models itself on neo-roman architecture and has beautiful stained-glass windows. There are also plenty of museums to visit: ‘Musée de la Marine’, ‘Musée des Beaux-Arts’, ‘Musée de la Tour Tanguy’ and ‘Centre d'Art Passerelle’ to name a few. Visits to museums during your yacht charter in Brittany will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the city and its past.

2. Gorgeous green spaces

The ‘Place de la Liberté’ is one of the main town squares in Brest located in a commercial part of the town. This is the ideal spot to take a break in, sit and have a coffee in between periods of shopping. Many demonstrations and concerts take place here as well as the Christmas Market. With its fountains and green spaces, this square is a beautiful slice of nature in a more urban environment. Just beside the ‘Place de la Liberté’ lies Mathon Square, another green space which created by Jean-Baptiste Mathon, the architecture during the period when Brest was being rebuilt. There are beautiful species of plants and flowers within the square, which has become a peaceful and treasured part of the town. If you are a real nature-lover and are still not satisfied, a visit to the Botanic National Conservatoire of Brest will hopefully do the trick. These botanical gardens also have a public park for children, gardens where rare plants are stored and kept, water features and cliffs. The gardens as well as the two squares are free to visit.

Mind-blowing beaches

Moulin Blanc Beach is one of the most popular beaches along the coast. This long stretch of sand will bring a piece of calm to your yacht charter in Brittany and it is also renowned as one of the best beaches to practise nautical activities and water sports. The marina is nearby and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants if you need to get an ice cream after a swim in the sea. If the sea is too cold or you’d rather experience marine life from a different perspective, Océanopolis is one of the biggest aquariums in Europe. This is an excellent alternative ocean discovery with theme parks, cultural and scientific expositions as well as penguins, sharks and other rare species to fish to see. It will surely make for a fascinating and fun day out for all the family.

Festivals and fun during your yacht charter in Brittany

Brittany is one of the most dynamic regions in France in terms of culture and art, known for its parties and festivals. There are numerous events thrown throughout the year where various singers and bands, both locally and nationally known, are invited to perform in this coastal region.

1. Astropolis

Astropolis is an electronic music festival that takes place between the beginning of July until the end of August, depending on the year. It is one of the oldest electronic music festivals which is still ongoing in France today and each year up to 30,000 come to party together. It is an event which unites people of different nationalities from different parts of Europe.

2. Brest International Maritime Festival

Brest harbour welcomes over 2,500 from all 4 corners of the globe during mid-July every 4 years for the Maritime Festival. This exciting event brings together people of all ages to come and watch the boats moor, to explore the historical replicas and the impressive yachts. The event also features the tall ships as well as live music. There are fireworks, live performances and various other sorts of entertainment.

How to get to your yacht charter in Brittany

Being in France, Brittany is a relatively easy destination to reach. There are numerous airports you could choose to fly into, depending on where you are coming from and on your budget. You can also get train or bus transfers to the west from different regions in France or even get the Eurostar train from London Kings Cross into Paris. Once you have reached this brilliant destination, boat rental is the way to go from here; drop the anchor and away you go!