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Andalusia Sailing Tips

One of the largest advantages of a sailing holiday in Spain is that you can find a desirable sailing location no matter what month of the year it is. Andalusia is best explored with a yacht charter in the summer months thanks to the exquisite sunshine, (temperatures reach as high as 35-40 °C), and the warmer sea temperature (especially in late summer/early autumn). The climate is characterised by mild winters on the coast but rather cold inland, with dry, prolonged, and very sunny summers. In the south-east, rainfall is rare. Sailing in this region is generally a calm affair, although the sea can be a little rougher towards the Strait of Gibraltar. Andalusia is often dominated by an easterly wind, either Levanter or Poniente, although neither wind is particularly strong during the summer months.

There are around eighteen marinas located in this region in Spain, each catering for any need you may have while sailing this gorgeous region in the Mediterranean. Most marinas have access to fuel, dressing rooms, fresh water, Wi-Fi, and are located close to lively bars and restaurants which you can avail of during your yacht charter holiday.

What to do in Andalusia

Snorkelling Hotspots

The Cabo de Gata Nijar Geo Natural Park is the largest protected area in Andalusia, and indeed, the Mediterranean coast. There is an incredible contrast between the marine and terrestrial environment. During your yacht charter holiday if you fancy diving into the bold blue ocean, this could be the perfect place to start. Its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters make it a perfect place for snorkelling and snorkelling along spectacular volcanic cliffs and reefs such as those found at Punta de los Muertos and Mesa Roldan.

Equally as alluring is a snorkelling adventure in Nerja. Axarquia Malagueña rises to 2000 metres above sea level, from the heights populated by vineyards and olive trees, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea of tranquil beaches and remote coves. In this setting in the heart of Andalusia, the eastern Costa del Sol offers many options for both deep-sea diving and snorkelling.


Looking to make your sailing holiday more adventurous? Tarifa could be the perfect stop-off during your yacht charter in Andalusia. Any exhilarating activity you want to try can be found here, offering a change of pace from the leisurely sailing. Kitesurfing, rock climbing, trekking, and more are all on offer here. And if you have had enough adrenaline-pumping excursions, take a trip into the old town, or discover the ancient Roman ruins which offer a glimpse into the civilisations of Andalusia centuries before.

Almería Coast

Located along the southern stretch of Andalusia, some of the most dramatic and gorgeous landscapes can be found in this region. A variety of terrains awaits to be explored once you have docked your yacht, with stunning tranquil beaches offering the exclusive haven to which you can escape the lively and atmospheric cities. Further inland can lead you to the luscious green vegetation of the region, while cliff faces along the coast can be great viewing points over the blue sea of the Andalusia area.


Just one of the larger cities found in Andalusia, Malaga is an exceptional destination during your sailing excursion. An abundance of lively bars and restaurants allows you to interact with the friendly locals or meet others who have chartered a yacht in this region. History is oozing out of the streets, with many attractions such as Gibralfaro Castle, La Alcazaba, and the centre of the Old Town being highlights. The vibrant marina offers a selection of the best food establishments in Andalusia, and the view of the lights from your boat will be unforgettable.

Sample the Best Andalusian Food

No better way to sample the most decadent food of Andalusia than with a yacht charter in the region itself! Of course, the most famous dish is the gazpacho, with each region having its own unique and distinctive twist on the classic cold soup meal. Also as impressive are the selection of fried fish dishes which combine the freshest catches with the signature Spanish flavours – a perfect snack in the middle of your day of sailing. In Seville, you will be hard-pressed to find a more popular food than Pringà – an exquisitely prepared, slow-cooked meat dish that is sure to be one of the highlights of your dining experience in Andalusia.

How to get to Andalusia

Andalusia is a large region encompassing many major Spanish cities and towns. Getting there depends on where you are starting your yacht charter holiday. Airports in the region include Seville, Malaga, and Almeria, with other smaller airports also offering domestic and international routes. There are also extensive train links throughout the Andalusia region, meaning you can begin your sailing holiday in whichever location you desire!